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Booth A30 in AWA,2018 — it is where the magic starts! FIFTY free FB accounts and a HUNDRED 30-day free trial FB SPY tool accounts! Try and win! 

What is the value of such a prize? FB accounts is worth $600 each and FB Spy Tool is up to $199/Mo.

Sound like a magic spell, doesn't it? It is Idvert magic and who knows, maybe it will be on your side! Check and Register directly


Our FB accounts are:

  • Real accounts from real people, not farmed.
  • Payment Solutions included, with the acc owner's CC
  • Safe Site and Fanpage Provided
  • Presale Warmup

Our FB Spy Tool have below features:

  • Black Hat, C.O.D, Dropshipping, Knockoff - direct access to hot eCommerce categories
  • Winning Creatives, One-click download Money page, Offer Information, Original Ads URL and Redirect information – All things you want for Black Hat
  • Engagement trending: Track the performance of the creatives;
  • Targeting for marketing strategy: Detailed back info including age, gender, Geo, and interest


Activity Information

  • Prize: 50 free FB accounts and 100 30-day free trial FB spy tool accounts

Free FB accounts will be of random draw. And 30-day free trial FB spy tool accounts will be won by guys who are the first 100 to register as publishers in EcomXhat (Direct COD advertiser).


  • Duration of activities: Now to 6th 2018


  • THREE steps for winning the FREE ACCOUNTS and FB SPY tool:

Step 1 Register online:

Fill in the blank of the above registration page to get a chance to win FREE FB ACCOUNTS and       FB Spy Tool;

Registration page:


Step 2 Confirm in Booth A30 in AWA:

Confirm to support team in our Booth A30 in AWA, Bangkok. This procedure is to ensure everyone has a fair chance to win prize and avoid bot.


Step 3 Check Winning Details:

The winning details will be published here and our official blog on 10th Dec.


You may could contact our support if any question.

Email:[email protected]

Skype: doris.miller_7