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Translated by Sultan Mehmood

In order to stand out from the fierce advertising competition, personalized advertising for the target group is becoming more and more important.

Facebook is one of the most effective marketing tools for e-commerce sellers. Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users. As the number of users on the Facebook platform continues to grow, newsfeeds adjusts, e-commerce business is growing, and competition on Facebook is becoming more intense.

In this article, we'll introduce 12 Facebook marketing tips to get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy.

1.Content quality is better than quantity

Do you know that 317,000 status updates and 54,000 shared links are uploaded to Facebook every 60 seconds? And this is just an update and a link!

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog

Every minute there is a lot of content being uploaded to Facebook. To stand out from this content, you should focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. The quantity does not actually increase the number of clicks. In fact, in the new newsfeed update, Facebook pays more attention to high quality content.

Content that is broken down into smaller niche markets can increase the relevance of ads to potential consumers, thereby increasing opportunities for interaction with potential customers.


2.Facebook web promotion tips

Planning to make an ad to promote your Facebook page? When you create these campaigns, Facebook will automatically adjust the text and product description based on your page settings.

However, to improve customer response rates for each market segment, you can customize the title by clicking Advanced options and use the text box to adjust the title.

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog


3.Integrate Facebook strategy

Whether you're creating a PPC (pay-per-click) ad or a Facebook page, your purpose should be the same: provide highly relevant content to potential customers. Of course, your goals may vary, PPC ads will direct traffic to your store, and posts on the page will be responsible for getting your fans to get the information they want. But, you want to make sure that everything you create is interesting and of high quality.

That's why it's so important to integrate organic and paid Facebook strategies to ensure that the content you provide is consistent with your brand image. Potential customers are likely to reach out to your brand through organic and paid social posts, so any conflict in the message delivery can lead to information confusion and ultimately damage to marketing efforts and ROI (return on investment).


Remember the 80/20 rule when you plan your Facebook page content. You want to make sure that only 20% of the content is "hard selling" and the remaining 80% are interesting, inspiring, educational, high-value articles and other non-sales content. The content of your article does not contain over-promotional information, which does not mean that you are not building a loyal customer base. Take a look at the example below - are they telling you "buy now"?

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog


4.Live video

You should know the importance of video content to Facebook marketing, so how do you get good video content? You can use Facebook Live, a live video streaming feature of Facebook. According to the video site Livestream, 82% of brand viewers prefer live video, not other forms of social media posts.

If you are still waiting for a "high quality video", you will miss a huge amount of potential traffic. In fact, effective video does not require professional photography.

This is the case with Facebook Live. You can use live broadcasts to showcase new products, promotions, make recommendations for your niche market, or show behind-the-scenes footage for upcoming product lines.


5.Try to @your fans

How to maximize your organic clicks? When you share UGC (user-generated content), partners, publications or Facebook pages with your fans, you can try to @your fans.

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog


6.Don't underestimate”Instant Replies”

Not everyone has enough budget to participate in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, but you can choose to use Facebook's Instant Replies feature.

Today, many consumers tend to communicate directly with brands through Facebook rather than email.

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog

Instant Replies can create a more personalized shopping experience, but people often expect instant responses rather than automated responses.

Instant Replies lets you interact with them before you read them.


7.Tell a story

Even for a paid Facebook campaign, storytelling can help you get more attention and build closer connections with your target audience, increasing your ad traffic.

You can create a trailer before the product is officially released, allowing people to invest in your product in advance; you can also tell a story that is important to your brand in a video or article.

For example, in 2010, the creator of Facebook page, Humans of New York, Brandon, used storytelling to make this account have 18 million fans.


8.Share UGC and recommendation posts

When you want to build a community around the brand, nothing is better than UGC and recommended posts. Not only is this a great way to accommodate fans and potential customers, but UGC's inclusion of your Facebook marketing content helps to increase entertainment, increase customer trust, and ultimately increase sales.

According to advertising weekly Adweek, when consumers decide whether to buy a product, 93% prefer to refer to user-generated content. In addition, there are many studies showing that UGC will increase Facebook's relevant scores and ROIs (return on investment).

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog

So how do you integrate UGC into your Facebook marketing strategy? It's as simple as manually sharing content. Regardless of how you decide to use UGC in your Facebook ads, the key is to collect more UGC posts.


9.Make image ads more attractive

UGC stands out not only because it is worth recommending, but also because UGC's picture is more unique than usual. Tip: When using the display picture to attract the attention of potential customers, you need to keep the ad text concise and relevant so that you don't lose the attention of potential customers.


10.Focus on your potential customers

There is a word here that is important - subdivision. You need to segment your target audience and create more targeted ads in niche markets. You should not focus on the total number of clicks, but on the proportion of effective clicks.

Once you've identified your target audience, think about the potential customers' interests, their specific geographic location, what they are looking at, who they are looking at, when they are active in the target audience, and then create highly targeted ads for them. .You can use Facebook Pixel tools to track Facebook dynamic product ads, use chat software Messenger and remarketing ads, so that you can capture every niche market.


11.Use cover image

You can regularly update your cover photo with new products, promotions, or seasonal content. This will ensure that when potential fans and shoppers browse your Facebook page, the latest and most popular content will appear first in front of them and draw their attention.

You can use the image processing tool Canva, which can quickly create beautiful intros.

12 Tricks for Facebook promotion in 2018!-Idvert Blog


You can use Facebook cover and promotional posts to promote exclusive content and promotions to your Facebook fans. If you provide VIP services and internal news, they will be more inclined to your product.


12.Optimize marketing campaigns in real time

Just like most PPC ads, in order to get the most out of your budget, you'll want to monitor your campaigns and adjust them in real time to make sure you get the highest clickthrough rate for every penny you spend.

It's important to note that it usually takes a day or two for an ad campaign to get enough data to determine its effectiveness.

For those ads that are not performing well, consider whether you are doing the wrong things:

  • Facebook advertising target error.
  • Ad placement is irrelevant.
  • Ad placement is irrelevant.
  • Did not correctly expand the size of your Facebook ads.