Social media marketing is constantly changing, especially on the world's largest social platform —— Facebook.

What's even more interesting today is that when Facebook makes changes, there will be subtle changes to Instagram as well, especially on advertising.

Facebook has released some major updates that users should be looking forward to in the coming months. Marketers should consider these updates as they plan their 2019 advertising strategy. To help marketers stay up-to-date, this article will list 11 Facebook updates that must be known in 2019.

Facebook advertising program and feature updates

1. Shopping in Instagram Stories to enhance the advertising shopping experience

Create a more interactive and engaging shopping experience by adding product stickers to Instagram Stories.

11 Facebook updates you must know in 2019-Idvert Blog

When users read your story, they can get product details and other information through the sticker, and can also click to enter your website to purchase.

2. Enhance the reality of advertising and establish deeper user contact

By enhancing the reality of advertising, users can interact and visualize different products on the Facebook advertising platform, which can help brands establish deeper connection with their users.

11 Facebook updates you must know in 2019-Idvert Blog

As shown in the image above, these ads will enable users to test advertisers' products with a quick access to Facebook cameras via the "Tap to try on" CTA.

3. Facebook Stories Ads, offering more creative options

Facebook Stories Ads will also enable brands to create new experiences through “story”.

11 Facebook updates you must know in 2019-Idvert Blog

Facebook “story” is not as widespread as Instagram “story”. However, this kind of full-screen immersive experience and short video ideas are very popular today, and Facebook “story” ads will offer more options to reach users on both platforms.

4. Playable Ads to stimulate the app download intent

Facebook also recently added Playable Ads to the game app, allowing users to "try before buying the app". Before you download and install the app, you can experience the content of the app in Facebook ads. It may motivate users to have higher download intent.

Facebook page update

5. Facebook homepage recommendation to improve user feedback transparency

You may have already seen this content, and Facebook's homepage reviews have been updated to recommendations.

11 Facebook updates you must know in 2019-Idvert Blog

This update is designed to increase the transparency of feedback based on previous customer experiences, allowing the homepage to better understand whether the brands being viewed are meeting their expectations.

6. Optimize the layout of the business homepage and improve the interactivity of the mobile terminal

In addition, another update you may already know is that the Facebook business homepage is able to be redesigned on mobile devices so that it`s easier for them to direct mobile visitors to get the information they need on the homepage. This could bring more interaction and interaction to the brand.

Facebook data update

7. Video ad metrics update to capture video interactions

Facebook also recently updated its video ad metrics to help advertisers better handle video interactions and optimize the video creatives based on these behaviors.

8. Brand self-service to enhance brand awareness in testing and learning

Facebook has also implemented new self-service options to test and understand how your Facebook campaigns affect brand awareness. This should be a tool that every marketer can't wait to get acquainted and understand.

11 Facebook updates you must know in 2019-Idvert Blog

Update to Creative Tools

9. Video creation kit to create video creatives easily

What if you don’t have conditions to shoot a video yourself? No problem - Facebook recently launched a new video creation kit that lets you convert existing photos into mobile-optimized video. These easy-to-use templates also include the option to add text.

11 Facebook updates you must know in 2019-Idvert Blog

Facebook campaign management update

10.Value-Based Lookalike Audiences, more accurate targeting for similar audiences

Similar audiences have great results in advertising. If you can identify and target audiences that are similar to your customers based on online and offline behavior, how accurate is that?

This is completely Lookalike Audiences 2.0.

Official details of Lookalike audiences↓

Bottom of the form

11. Minimum ROAS bidding plan with more ad optimization options

Facebook now also offers advertisers more options to control the value of advertising campaigns, which allows advertisers to set a minimum acceptable return on advertising spend. Based on this, Facebook's automated algorithm system will match or exceed this value for your bids - another good way to optimize your campaign.

So far, Facebook has released 11 exciting updates (or will be released soon). From adding product stickers to Stories and allowing online and offline audience targeting, Facebook continues to develop its advertising platform and offers new ideas for campaigns.