Media Buy Version

Provides the latest and hottest Facebook/DSP/Adult creative and offer data analysis. Also, you can download a real money page, which can help you make marketing decisions, save time and cost, and get more benefits.

Keyword Definition

Money Page

Also known as landing page, which can be understood as an advertising leaflet. The audience will decide whether to consume by this leaflet, that is, usually the previous direct of the offer page, mainly for Facebook Platform. Because of the particularity of the Black Hat products, the advertisements are generally easy to be banned by Facebook. That is why the advertisers need to evade Facebook tracking through cloaking methods. The Black Hat advertisements that can be seen indicate that it is relatively tenacious. So, in this case when you download those creatives and follow the suit, there’s much more chance for your ads to be approved by Facebook as well.

Offer page

Product/Service Details page for conversions to your audience.

Feature Highlights

Popular Offer overview and trend analysis (including advertising trends, geos, traffic sources, publishers, traffic platforms, etc.)

Offer Display and Search

Offer Details Analysis (including current overview, traffic source, geo, publisher, money page, ad impression, domain name analysis, etc.)

Sub-platform Creative Display (Facebook/Native/Adult)

Creative Detail Analysis

Recommended for people: Affiliate, Media Buyer, AM/BD, etc.