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Hundreds of millions of advertising data, real-time updates, massive video, image, carousel type creatives allow users to fully grasp the advertising trend, targeting details, including e-commerce ads, such as Shopify drop shipping ads, and single-page COD ads.

Keyword Definition


Short for Cash on delivery. After the goods are delivered, the customer gives the money to the delivery person, which is generally used for e-commerce.

Many large e-commerce platforms have a COD payment model, but in the cross-border e-commerce industry, we mainly talk about the single-page COD mode which you only need to design a single shopping page to achieve conversion. The promotion medias it targeting are social medias such as Facebook, which covers 3 billion social media markets worldwide.

Feature Highlights

One-click Select COD Ads

Multi-dimensional filters (national, language, action, website system, etc.)

Applicable people: E-commerce advertisers, E-commerce distributors