How to make product selection by Using Idvert

I have previously introduced how to use Idvert for product selection, and found some interesting products. But still there’re some users might be confused about what angles should we focus on regarding of the product selection. So today, I will give you a comprehensive and systematic explanation on how to use the functions of Idvert to find potential hit products.

There are many product selection tools in the e-commerce market. In addition to the common selection tools, we find that there’re a lot we can learn from the perspective of advertising. Moreover, social media advertising is also a very popular marketing method, so this is also a breakthrough of e-commerce marketing strategy. Take Idvert for example, although it is a marketing platform that discovers business opportunities through social media (such as Facebook) advertising, in fact, it can also find target advertisements by filtering advertisement types, launching devices, countries, time, marketing methods, etc., or directly searching to help e-commerce advertisers conduct product selection and advertising.

Filter by country and website platform

Let's take the site-building system Shopify as an example, filter the hot countries like United States, select the period for the recent one month, and sort by the hottest. So we can see in this screening result the best-selling product advertisement in US that using Shopify. In the picture below, we can see that pillows, waterproof sports watches, hair restorers, and T-shirts from Dragon Ball are very popular.

Tip: If you couldn’t tell what the ad is selling, just click on the landing page or the Facebook page to see it in detail.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

Filter by sales method

Most e-commerce companies take the form of online transactions. Of course, some merchants have taken a different approach and derived some alternative sales methods, such as the hot COD recently in South-east Asia countries, that is, cash on delivery. Idvert also have set up a direct key to filter COD ads.

We screened the hottest COD ads in the last month, then we can tell what the current popular COD products are.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

We can see that this skin care products and bags from Tiland, and clothing for Indian men are relatively popular in COD category.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

Filter the latest and hottest ads

Some people may say that I don't have a clear target. I don't know what kind of products to sell and where to sell them either. In this case, it’s recommended that you can filter the latest and hottest ads to see what products are there. By checking the detail page you can also know the Geo distribution of the ads, what kind of people are they targeting and learn how their landing pages are made for the purpose of selling.

We selected the most popular advertisements in the last ten days and found that hardware tools sold in Turkey, gold bracelets sold in Canada, and Indian-style shawls sold in the United States are good choices.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

Search by keyword

If you only know that a certain type of commodity in a certain country sells well, but you don't know which one exactly, then what should you do? For example, if you want to take a look at the watch, you can search for the word "watch" in the search bar, then filter by COD or Shopify and the hottest. There you can see the hot product advertisement under this condition, so that you can know which type of watch is sold well.

Tip: According to the logic of Idvert keyword matching, the more accurate the suggested keywords are, the better.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

Of course, if you want to know the hot products in a certain period, you can also directly search the keywords of it, such as "Halloween", to see what others are selling on Halloween.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

Filter by Advertisement Engagement

What does it mean if one ad is running for long and the engagement data is large? Then surely this product is very popular! So you can try to filter such kind of popular advertisements and find out the hot sales.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog

Spy the competitors’selection

It's always correct to sell after a good competitor. If you don't know what to do, you can check the ads that your competitors are advertising. In Idvert, we can see all the ads of a single advertiser, then filter its hottest ads, there must be some opportunities in there.

Tips of Product Selection by Using Idvert-Idvert Blog