How to Download Money page on Idvert and Use It Effectively?

Idvert users may know that currently 80% of the money pages in our BH ads can be opened and downloaded, but we still got many queries on how to use them more effectively after downloading, so today we will tell everyone in detail about the effective way to use the money page.

First let’s get to know what is money page. As we know the creative and the landing page are playing an important role in converting audience to consumption in the advertising process. However, for the specialty of BH type products, there will be strict inspection for the disqualified ad content. In that, the landing page will be redirected to a page less relevant to the product that only the targeted group of people can recognize while the inspector of FB will see it as a normal landing page selling normal products. Therefore, the real content page presenting in front of the targeted user is called money page, while the normal info view by FB inspector is called safe page. So here’re the headaches. How to make the creative more attracting and converting to the targeted users while hardly be banned and recognized by the FB inspector? And how to learn and see competitors real successful money page? This is a real technique. Luckily we can spy others’ successful experiences through Idvert.

Idvert has resolved the most important issue to you already. By sorting the hottest engagement creatives on Idvert and learning from the ad duration to judge whether this is a winning creative, you can save it and polish the content to make it for your own good. Along with a 1-click bottom to download the money page, you can easily change your ads and money page to the same as your successful competitor just within few mins.

How to do it?

1.Download from the Offer Page

Select a specific offer you want to check and click though the offer detail.

In the detail page, all the Money Pages under this offer will all be presented alone with the corresponding ad info. You can click to Download the zip file of the Money Page you need, or click See all Money Page to check all the other Money Pages and Download them accordingly.

2.Download from the Detail Ad Page

We can click though the detail ad page from the offer page.

Or directly go to the detail ad page from the Ads samples.

After going through the detail ad page, you will see the corresponding Money Page to this specific ad, in the same way, you can also use the 1-click Download button to download the zip file of the money page.

It should be noted that many money pages have been cloaked, only the specific home IP in targeted regions can see the real money page, so if you are outside of the region then when you directly copy the link, you can see nothing you need except of the safe page. But don’t worry, we have already saved the precious content for you. You just need to click the download bottom on the side so you can get the real money page zip file.

The downloaded money page is displayed in the form of a compressed package. After decompressing, you can get all the page content you need.

Last question, how to use these contents?

First you have to install a code editor, Dreamweaver or Notepad++ both can do. Open the downloaded money page with the code editor, then you can modify the page according to your needs. The modified website will be uploaded to the server. It is very convenient to complete a money page of your own.

If you are still worrying about the money page, why not come to Idvert and find your answer!

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