E-commerce Version Function Introduction

Currently in the Idvert 1.0 version, the operation of finding E-commerce ads is consistent to the media buy version. It is expected to be upgraded to a pure e-commerce mode in the next upgrade.

Advertising Display and Search

Use the keyword search, filter bar to get the desired advertiser or target ad.

You can get the corresponding advertisements by searching for the advertiser name, product name, domain name and e-commerce featured keywords.

You can also view the filtered waterfalls of the desired creatives based on the type of ads, the marketing model, the delivery device, the delivery time, the language, the country, the action, and the website platform.

Through 1-click filter you can get all COD ads, there will be COD logo on the upper right corner of the ad, you can use this to distinguish the ad type at a glance.

After screening the results, they can also be sorted according to the latest, hottest, likes, comments, shares, days, and so on.

Same Advertiser Ad

Click on the advertiser’s name to get all the advertiser’s ads on the platform to see the advertiser’s marketing trends.

Ad Detail Analysis

Clicking on a single ad takes you to the ad’s details page, where you can get the ad’s details, including copy, creative, engagement data, first seen date, last seen date, geo, device, marketing objective, landing page, and so on.

The age, gender, interest, regional distribution of the target audience of the advertisement will be displayed.

At the same time, the domain name corresponding to the advertisement also has detailed analysis, including ranking, traffic, bounce rate, access trend, country distribution, traffic source, and outgoing links.