Media Buy Version Function Introduction

This version has a powerful offer analysis function, which not only provides the current hot offer information but also a comprehensive analysis of a single offer. At the same time, the creative data will break through the original limitations, from simply Facebook social media data to Facebook ads +DSP native ads, truly becoming a one-stop online marketing service. It is also the only marketing decision-making platform in the industry that provides a full range of offer data analysis.

I. Offer Overview and Analysis

Through multi-dimensional analysis and tracking of the latest hottest Facebook/Native/Adult ads in more than 60 countries, it generates an up-to-date offer overview and analysis.

1. Analysis of Various Offer Advertising Trends

According to the time period (24 hours/7 days/30 days), the trend of the current offers can be selected to understand the popularity of the advertisements of each category. You can view all offer cards and offer details under the current selection condition by clicking “See Offers” to enter the offer list page.

2. Various Offer Area Analysis

The regional ratio statistics of the current categories of the offer and the top five countries in the number of offers are displayed on the platform so that you can understand the hot market of various offers and help to make market decisions.

3. Offer Source Analysis

Shows the distribution of all current offer sources on the platform, and further divides the source of the offer into each category. Currently, the offer sources are Facebook, Native, and Adult, so that you can understand the best placement of different offers and save test costs.

4. Publishers analysis

According to the number of offers issued, the specific situation of the top five Publishers in each category is displayed, including the Publisher type, the number of Networks, the number of Offers, the number of Advertisements, and the proportion of Offer categories.

5.Traffic platform analysis

According to the number of offers issued, the specific situation of the top five traffic platforms in each category is displayed, including the traffic type, the number of publishers, the number of offers, the number of advertisements, and the proportion of offer categories.

6. Offer list

Search and query specific offers based on keywords (available in Offer Name and Publisher search) and various filter criteria (including offer category, country of delivery, time, a source of advertising, publisher, traffic platform, network, tracking system) to get all the offers you need.

7. Offer Details

7.1 Offer Analysis

Select one of the offers and go to its detail page to get its Offer Page, the latest update date, the total number of current advertising ads, the number of publishers, the number of countries, and the estimated cost of each platform. Each parameter has the link relative ratio data of the previous day.

7.1.1 Traffic Source

The latest update traffic source of the offer will also be displayed, and you can see the traffic trend of the latest 30 days in the past date, which can better help users to make traffic choices.

Click "See Ads" to get a waterfall page for all ads under the offer name, traffic source, and date.

7.1.2 Advertising Geo

Shows the distribution of the geo of the offer, and displays the top five geos based on the number of ads, including the number and percentage of ads in the geo, and the ratio of the current date to the number of ads from the previous day.

Click on See All Geo to get all the geo details that help you to choose the market.

7.1.3 Publisher Analysis

Shows the trend of publishers in the past month and the proportion of publishers on the website. Click See All to display a list of all publishers under the offer and provide the download of the publisher, as well as 1-click to get the publisher.

7.1.4 Money Page Download

The Money page generally needs real residential IP of the target audience to be opened, otherwise, it is opened as a safe page for review. To this end, Idvert has packaged a real money page and its creatives for download, which can be directly used for modify and advertising, so the time and effort in landing page creation can be saved, as well as improving the over-review rate of the advertisement.

All money pages under the offer will be displayed and available for download (must be downloaded to see the real money page), along with their advertising information, including ad details page, ad type, network, traffic platform, Tracking System, display time, etc.

7.2 Advertising Display

The offer of each (Facebook, Native, Adult) specific ads, including the type of advertising, delivery equipment, and other information. Click See All to see all the ads under the source.

7.3 Domain Name Analysis

The domain name, traffic volume, traffic source, and country distribution of the offer's domain name are analyzed.

II. The Display of Creatives

Provides a classified display of hundreds of millions of advertising data waterfalls from Facebook, Native and Adult, which can be used to view advertising information on a platform basis, making it easier and faster to obtain targeted platform advertisements.

1. Creative Flow

You can select the Facebook, Native, and Adult tabs to view the advertisements of the corresponding platform according to your needs. Enter keywords and multi-dimensional filters through the head search bar (ad type, delivery device, time, language, country, action type, network, tracking system, etc.) to quickly locate and search for creatives.

2. Creative Details

Click on the creative card to enter the creative details, to understand the basic situation of the creative (including the placement of the ad, country, language, number of days left in the ad, etc.), the latest 30-days ad engagement trend, the ad advertising strategy, and the analysis of the advertiser's domain name. To better allow users make advertising strategy.

At the same time, the offer information corresponding to the creative will also be displayed including the offer name, the tracking system, and the affiliate network, which can be traced back to its offer information.