【Idvert Tutorial】Small Tips in the Crypto Advertising

2019-12-25 09:37:00


Affiliates who have used Idvert spy tool for the BH ad spy know that Casino ads and Crypto ads often have the same routine. So today, we will summarize the common types of crypto ads, so that everyone can see the ads at a glance and understand the common advertising routines in this category.

Casino and Crypto apparently both use wealth element to attract audiences who want to make a fortune, but there are still differences between them. Casino's audiences are more general and usually with a relatively low threshold of investment, so the creatives used are also more down to earth. In contrast, crypto as an finance product usually has a higher investment threshold. It is more suitable for people who have certain capital and wish for a higher wealth pursuit. Despite of those differences, the audience of those two types are much alike and mostly are middle-aged male with a strong desire for wealth. If the creative of the casino is survival type, then crypto is a development type.

1. Gossip of the stars

Celebrities are generally very wealthy, especially the worldwide famous ones. Many stars have a sideline to create more wealth in addition to their own professional income, so this is the entry point of crypto. The audience will create extra income for the stars. Method of curiosity. The selection, of course, is also the stars that the audience is interested in, such as Wolverine Hugh Jackman and football star Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Of course, the star effect is very eye-catching.


2. The Secret of the Host

Use hosts claim to tell everyone that the secrets of making money is now discovered can attract the crowds attention, making it more like a breaking news! The information obtained is more authentic and reliable, and it is easier to gain the trust of the audience.


3. Amateur News

Using amateur stories as a creative to make the audience more substitutable. For example, the young man can still earn 10,000 US dollars every day while traveling around the world; India's wedding of a couple spent 100,000 US dollars. For those who have a higher pursuit of quality life, this is quite attractive.


Of course, in addition to the story display, this type of creative can also be a form of interview with TV stations, which is more realistic and persuasive.


4. Business News

The success of the business community makes their speeches authoritative. Borrowing them as quotes can increase credibility. It is recommended to find the business community where the target market is located. You can use Amancio Ortega (the founder of Spanish clothing company Inditex. Inditex). It is the world's largest clothing retail group. The group owns famous brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear.), you can choose the former AFL CEO in Australia, and even find the world famous, such as Ma Yun in China.



5. Creatives of enjoyment

Travel is a consumption-oriented consumer, and it is also in line with crypto's audience, providing opportunities for people who like to travel and take risks.


6. Methodological guidance

The methodological approach is also effective by using seemingly methodical copywriting and seemingly advanced pictures to tell you how to achieve financial freedom.


7. Go straight to the topic

The currency map displayed directly in the material can also attract the audience who knows and want to try the coin circle in a short time. Of course, the premise is that your material needs to be smart, cause the chance of the creative being too straight is also blocked is very high.


In addition, there are many other types of Crypto creatives in the Idvert spy tool, so you can explore them yourself!