Binom Tracker – Advanced tracker for professional affiliates with flat rate and flash fast speed

2019-12-17 08:35:00


If you are in affiliate marketing industry you should know that a tracker is your most important tool. That's how you keep track of all of your revenue, costs, conversions and optimize your media buys so it becomes the center area of your affiliate business.

One tracker we suggest you to have a look at is Binom. Binom is the second biggest tracker out there in terms of volume and particularly used by professional affiliates as it has many sophisticated features.

So let's have a look together now at this tracker. What makes it professional and why you should consider to give it a try? Make yourself a cup of tea and sit comfortably, we will guide your through gently.


A few words about pricing first of all. With Binom it's simple as it could be. You just pay one fixed price - and that is it. Headache free stuff.

There are no limitations on volume.

There are no limitations on functionality.

You simple pay and use it in a way you need.

It's only 69$ a month if billed annually or 99$ a month if you prefer to pay month to month.


Binom Tracker Installation

Biggest fear people face with self-hosted trackers is the assumption that it could be complicated. In fact it is not at all, in addition it provides you with more security and control. Wouldn't you want to have your affiliate DATA on your SERVER so NO ONE has access to it?


So actual installation is a super easy thing thanks to Binom's support. You literally don't have to do anything besides contacting them and giving access to your server the first time for the installation. Even if you don't know anything about servers at all, support team will guide you through and it won't take you more than half an hour to have a full ready fully secured tracker.

What we like about Binom Tracker

Now we would just like to mention what we like about the tracker as affiliates. Let's talk about its main features and capabilities.

Here's a simple table of the main advantages, so let's start here.


Looks promising so far, now let's explore it in details a bit.

Integrated (no-redirect) landing pages

With integrated landing pages you upload your lander to the tracker directly and use a special token as your CTA click link. So Binom loads your landing page directly. In practise a landing page is located on the same server as you tracker. You know that many traffic sources don't like additional redirect right?

User roles and permissions

Affiliate marketing is getting to be a team game now more and more. So Binom is perfect for this game.

If you have multiple users, you can assign roles and permissions to your finance team, media buyer, or other lads in your team.

Again - no limitations here.

Cloaker integration

If you go black hat, Binom has full integration with one of the most popular cloaker out there - MagicChecker. In a couple of clicks you are totally equipped for you black journey.


Notifications and Triggers

That's another amazing feature we haven't seen anywhere else. It's a first step to auto-pilot tracker indeed. So what are triggers? To put it simply - you create a condition and if a criteria is met Binom performs an action, you accordingly receive a notification by email, sms or via messaging app. Example - if amount of leads > 10 in last 30 minutes then pause everywhere.


So now you can stress way less if something is not going according to plan.


Complex traffic distribution system

More than 20 parameters for traffic distribution: IP, GEO, OS, language,device, any GET parameter. You can create any traffic distribution funnel you need.

Plus Binom has smart rotation.

If a user has already seen your landing page and didn't convert on it smart rotation automatically show that user a new page you set second time he clicks. That affect your results a lot!

Notes, marks and colours

Everything stays in tracker and made easy for you to organize.

Use notes for landers and campaigns to keep a track of what you or others in your team are doing.


Different marks to any variables in your reporting to quickly see what is up.


You can also select a color for a campaign in your stats, which is useful if you're running multiple campaigns. For instance you can assign different colors for specific type of campaigns you run.


E-commerce capabilities

There 3 stages of a conversion process in e-commerce of any kind: HOLD, REJECT and LEAD.

In Binom it's called E-commerce scheme and it's accessible in the Settings panel. It works without problems, the only difference is that in Voluum each conversion is tracked as a separate conversion and in Binom you will see only a single event that is updated accordingly.

In Binom, if a HOLD converts into a LEAD, then HOLD status becomes LEAD in a single event without any added conversion events.

Other cool things to mention briefly.

URL Customization

If you want to make your links look cool, you can use the built-in customization tool.

With this tool it's possible to go from something like:;lsdgdsgha53fe6

to something like:

Custom Events

Binom allows you to track any custom events on landing pages and display them in reporting columns like any other variable from the tracker.

You can measure the screen resolution, scroll percentage, time spent on landing pages and pretty much anything you creative mind can come up with.


Simple and powerful API is within. Displays any data from tracker in a convenient JSON format. You know what to do with that!

Two-factor authentication

You know the deal. Get it extra secured.

Conclusion and bonuses

So guys it has been enough said - let us finish briefly here.

Binom is fast and cost-effective tracker with a focus on security and functionality. It gives you many options for customization and creativity and never limits you in any terms.  It's made by affiliates for affiliates so it has everything an affiliate might need.

We also have special deal with Binom for you guys.

You can use it totally free for a month, than we have discount on second month for you - 50%.

If after your test ride you are ready to switch to it completely, we have something really special: 20% off if you purchase 3 month licence, 30% off for 6 month licence and finally 40% off if you buy 1 year licence. Note that you would need to contact support to have these discounts.

That is valid ONLY for new users and only via our promo code IDVERT - so make sure you use it.

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Hope you enjoyed our review and we wish lots of proffit!