What are the hot products in the home market?

2019-12-13 06:59:00


Reprinted from AMZ123

Household items are one of the popular categories in cross-border e-commerce. According to Markets Insider, as the world's largest home market, the size of the home market in the United States has exceeded 100 billion US dollars. The global market is expected to exceed $ 700 billion in 2022.

In 2019, Amazon.com appliances sales have exceeded $ 6.4 billion. German online sales of household goods in 2018 amounted to 4.9 billion euros. In 2017, the online retail sales of household goods in Japan reached 14,187 billion yen.

So what kind of home products can arouse consumers' interests? Sellers can consider these 10 weird but interesting home products.

- Travel Map -


When it comes to home decoration, everyone generally thinks of lights, vases, etc. In the past few months, we found that sales of travel maps have skyrocketed because it can show the countries and regions you have been to, and it is perfect for hanging on the wall. So this is a very suitable home product for travel-loving users.

Depending on the style and design, you can also sell to different types of audience. Of course, the main goal is for people who travel frequently. When targeting ads, sellers can categorize based on the type and interests of the traveling crowd.

- Crystal Bottle -


Google search trends show that searches for crystal bottles began to increase in November last year. The crystal base adds more fun to the water bottle. Some people think that crystals in water can have a therapeutic effect, especially those who believe in Feng Shui.

Of course, when describing this product, sellers should be careful to avoid the word "heal you", but use the words people believe this crystal has healing properties, otherwise you may be complained about false advertising.

- Sink Plug -


This product can prevent hair from clogging the sewer. Since foreign plumbers' labor costs are very high, many people choose to buy this product to solve the clogging problem. It is understood that the keyword sink plug searches 8100 times a month, and other search terms such as hair catcher, sink drain stopper, and shower plug are also commonly used by people.

Sellers can create videos to visualize the features of the product, and then place these videos on Facebook or Instagram ads.

Pet Grooming Tools -


Hair loss is a very troublesome thing for pet owners, and it is easy to get everywhere. But with the grooming tools, these troubles can be eliminated.

Pet grooming products are a fairly stable niche market. The search volume has been stable for several years. The monthly pet grooming search volume reaches 110,000 times. If you want to enter the pet market, this is a very good choice.

- Makeup Storage Box -


One of the most popular home products is storage products. Makeup storage box can better store cosmetics. In addition to storing cosmetics, it can also store other items, such as kitchen products, jewelry, etc.

So this product can be marketed to many segments and increase sales by serving different markets.

- Knitted Blanket -


Knitted blankets can be used both for home decoration and daily use. Sellers can take pictures of products and then run ads to attract users.

- Pet Bed -


Pets are considered family members, and in order to provide them with a comfortable resting place, owners buy various products, such as pet beds.

Sellers can cooperate with some KOL to promote the product of pet bed.

- DIY Wall Art -


Wall art products have become popular, and many people hang their own artworks on the walls of their homes, such as DIY murals.

The target of this type of product is mainly those who like painting or art. You can target the audience according to job title or major to attract the right consumers.

Sellers can create videos that show how easy it is to make, but also show consumers that this is really a DIY product, not a finished product.

- Reversible Umbrella -


Reversible umbrellas are becoming more popular. According to Google Trends, searches for reversible umbrellas have skyrocketed before spring. When advertising on Facebook, sellers can target cities with a lot of rainfall every year.

The data shows that the monthly search volume of reversible umbrella reaches 4,400 times.

- Reusable Straws -


To reduce plastic waste, many people are discarding plastic straws in favor of reusable straws, and even many restaurants are adopting it. In the future, more and more people will use reusable straws, and sellers can seize this trend.

When promoting a product, sellers must highlight its sustainability.