[CASE STUDY] Free Secret Weapon I Used to Make $114,548 in Profits

2019-12-12 03:03:00


[Below are stats from an actual campaign run by an Idvert user.]

I'll try to keep this short. Here is a part of my revenue for the specific offer:


My FB data:



My formula is super simple and easy:

  • Top offer

  • Angle for creatives

  • Scale quickly to win before there is too much competition

Top Offer

Usually I focus on only one top offer in any period. Mostly it is recommended by my AMs and has been run by other affiliates with good EPC and big revenue.

Angle for Creatives

I rely on a spy tool to find angles of creatives to test. Note that I said ANGLE. I don't suggest to copy the creatives directly, because Facebook has probably already flagged them. My team makes our own creatives based on the angles from winning creatives. For the money page, I would slightly change or even directly use good landers found in the spy tool. 

My personal tips for finding the best creatives:

a. been running for over 3 days

b. has good number of comments and engagement

c. Money page is available

d. creative is seen multiple times in spy tool 



I set up at least 3 ad campaigns to test an offer, one angle per campaign. For each campaign I will set the budget to at least twice the offer's payout. For example, for an offer payout of $50, I would set the test budget for each campaign to $100 or more.

Also, I target broad to reach a larger audience.

Scaling to Make Big Money

When the ROI of the ads reaches 200% I will scale, and I will stop the ads when the ROI falls below 100%.

I suggest to use diverse creatives in an account when scaling up. And I keep an eye on the numbers all the time, adjusting 3 to 4 times a day as needed. In my experience, it's safer to adjust the budget in smaller increments. 

What I do when my creatives are copied by other affiliates

I would increase the budget boldly to speed up the quick money. In this way, I would consume bigger portions of the caps with good traffic, which would in turn lead to more great support from my AMs 

Which spy tool do I use?

I use Idvert mostly as it has everything I need. You can sign up for their free trial to test it out, and if you like it, sign up for a paid subscription.

[The following information provided by idvert]


Idvert is developed for affiliate marketers, for niches including Crypto, Nutra, Casino, Sweepstakes, Ecommerce, and more.

Key features:

- Multiple ad sources covered: FB, Native, and Adult

- Unique offer angle: We offer unique offer angle analysis in addition to ad creatives, money page, target information, etc.

- User-friendly filters and text search: You can filter by vertical, ad network, affiliate network, ads format, geo, language, etc.You can search by keyword in ad text, money page and url.

Top affiliates are complaining that Idvert is revealing their ads. If you're not using this powerful spy tool, you'll be at a serious disadvantage – because while your competition is copying YOUR ads, you'll be left in the dark about THEIRS. 

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