Top 10 Explosive Products List - Watch

2019-12-05 07:31:00


Reprinted from AMZ123

Watches are evergreens in all popular niche markets. No matter what type of watch you sell, you can find that there are always a lot of audiences who like to bring watches. You can target different niche segments, such as men's, women's and children's watches, or all three of them.

If you want to sell watches, then this list is worth your reference.

  • Smart Watch


Smart watch is one of the best-selling watch products, with over 1.22 million searches each month. Since there are many types of smart watches available for sale, you can create a smart watch store.

Some smart watches can sale 6,000 in half a year, showing that they are very popular. And for sellers, there are multiple models of smart watches to choose from.

Different models of smart watches have different characteristics, and you can pay attention to this when advertising. Some smart watches have an electronic pedometer and heart rate detection function, while others have a calendar and GPS tracking function that users can use to make or receive calls.

Smart watches are very popular with consumers, so don’t forget to optimize your store for SEO when operating a store.

One of the simpler SEO optimization strategies is to write reviews, reviews of smart watch brands. This is a popular strategy among smart watch stores.

Writing product reviews is more of a long-term solution. Not only can it help sellers reduce advertising costs, it can also create a large number of connected audiences.

  • Quartz Watches


In the past six months, the sales of quartz watches can be said to be skyrocketing. Some of these products even sold nearly 20,000 orders within six months.

If you conduct product research, you will find that the search of quartz watches is only about 2,400 times a month, and you may consider it as impulse sales. Instagram is a popular platform for selling branded watches. You can also try Facebook and Pinterest.

First of all, you have to find Instagram celebrity. Although niche celebrity have not so many fans, the audience participation is very high and it is better to cooperate. You can message these niche celebrity and let them take pictures and publish them for themselves. The cost is not high. If the number of fans is small enough, you can even send them free products.

  • Starry Sky Watch


As you can see, the cumulative sales of this starry sky watch last month exceeded 1,300. In the past six months, its sales have broken 12,000. This watch is available in six colors including rose gold.

The starry sky watch has various colors and stable sales, which is very suitable for sellers to sell.

To promote Star Watch, sellers can use social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Find internet celebrities to take pictures of your watch, share the pictures with their fans, and bring traffic to your store.

Or you can run re-targeting ads that target visitors who have previously visited your store. Re-targeting ads also help improve ad targeting and make ads more effective.

  • Wooden Watch


Wooden watches may not be the most fashionable, but it definitely has a large enough audience. Every month, searches for wooden watches reach 74,000.

If the seller sells wooden watches exclusively, the business may not last long. Therefore, it is recommended that sellers can add wooden watches to the store while selling other watches.

With tens of thousands of searches per month for wooden watches, the best way to sell wooden watches is to optimize search, such as running Google Shopping ads or Google search ads and developing store optimization strategies.

The effect of these two types of Google ads on sales is immediate. But you also need to improve your store's SEO optimization strategy to reduce advertising costs and direct traffic to your store. Sellers can write blogs related to watches, then run re-targeting ads to show your products to blog audiences.

  • Luminous watch


In the past six months, the luminous watches shown in the picture have sold more than 14,000. Although the search is not high, it is clear that this watch helps attract impulse consumers to buy.

As shown, this watch has two colors, black and white, and can light up in 7 colors. If you want to watch the time in a dark environment, luminous watch is a good choice.

Luminous watches also work best on Instagram. You can create similar audiences and run ads on Instagram. Or you can look for Instagram celebrities, share pictures related to the product, and drain to the store.

Regularly post on your social media account to increase fan so that you can attract more traffic to your store as soon as you release a new series of products.

  • Mechanical Watch


Mechanical watch was the original watch styles that people wore before electronic watches became popular, and now, many watch enthusiasts still like mechanical watches. The mechanical watch searches over 30,000 times a month, showing that it still has a large enough market.

Like other watches, this watch has multiple channels for marketing.

  • Luxury Style Watch


Luxury style watch is very popular. It doesn't have to be very expensive or come from a well-known big brand. It is a style that sparkles in appearance and catches people's eyes at once, such as a gold watch with diamonds.

The search of luxury watch is close to 50,000. This means that this style of watch is still very popular among consumers.

Before starting marketing, sellers should develop SEO optimization strategies. You can add a new collection of this type in the store and then update the product regularly. Then remember to optimize the product details page, especially the long tail keywords.

  • Minimal Watch


In recent years, the search of minimal watches has been steadily increasing, which means that minimal watch products are very popular. The monthly search volume of minimal watch is about 12,000, which proves that this niche market is still not small.

To sell minimal watches, of course, social media celebrity marketing is preferred. You can let internet celebrity take a picture of wearing your product and share the picture on their social media.

You can also provide promotion links to encourage them to divert your shop.

  • Children's Smart Watch


Children's smart watch is becoming more and more popular. This kind of watch can connect with parents' mobile phones, so many parents let their children wear smart watches so that they can track their children's location through GPS in case of accidents.

Parents can send notifications to their children through smart watches, such as time to go home for dinner, etc., so that they can communicate with children when they go out.

In addition, the watch can count steps and footprints, which is convenient for parents to observe the movement of children.

Children's smart watches are best marketed to parents with children. Some parents are worried about their children's safety and want to find a more suitable way to communicate with children who go out to play. Therefore, you can highlight the safety features of children's smart watches to attract these parents to buy.

You can target your audience to parents with school-age children and then advertise on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Children Walkie Talkie Watch


Some children's watches have special features, such as children's walkie-talkie watches. In addition to checking the time, they can also allow children to communicate with each other like a walkie-talkie.

It’s a good choice to play games and check time among children.

Children's walkie-talkie watches are sold to parents. Sellers can highlight product advantages, such as letting children no longer indulge in electronic devices and going out to play. When you advertise on Facebook, you can set two different target audiences and subdivide children aged from 3 to 8 into preschool children and school-age children.