Dating Market That Could Be Worth Millions,Keep An Eye On It!

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Should affiliates paying more attention to dating?

Of course you should!


What are the pros of dating affiliate marketing?

l  Growing Market: More and more people are meeting their partners online. It looks like the online dating market is going to keep on growing.

l  Lots of Competition for Dating Sites: The high levels of competition for dating sites means that emerging sites offer huge rewards for people who can send traffic their way.

l  Lots of Niches: There are a lot of different directions that you can take a dating site. A lot of these have great potential to grow outside of dating alone.


I believe you guys have heard the news that Facebook Dating is officially launching. As an affiliate marketer, you’ve definitely seen dating vertical in various lists of the most profitable verticals for affiliate marketing. We can see it’s huge potential in the market. So today, we’ve invited Nick Martsenitsen —— the affiliate manager of TopOffers, to share his point of view in dating marketing. If you are looking for dating site affiliate programs or want to find out more about the niche, keep reading to find out everything you need to know, as well as some tips on finding the best affiliate dating sites to work with.


1. Current data on dating offers.


Every year the number of online services users is growing.  According to Statista the revenue of dating industry is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6% by 2023.  At this moment there are about 8,000 online dating services in the world today and their amount increases significantly each year. In 2019, industry revenue increased by 6.8%, or $1.7 billion. Dating service supply is growing along with the demand, it is a really hot sector with huge competition and there are no prerequisites to its fall.

The market is getting bigger although the quantity of big players in Dating are still the same. Lots of offers are evergreen, there are some offers which are more trending from time to time. 

TopOffers has more than 1500 dating offers in 50+ GEOs. 

At this moment, the dating products we work with moving into the next directions: 

 - Asian market has never been so attractive both for advertisers and affiliates. Advertisers are doing everything to get into such markets asJapan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

- Local European market. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and Nordics. Since you’ve found a key to these geos and have a good & stable source (even though it can be expensive) your ROI won’t disappoint you.

- LATAM: MEX, PER, CHL. Here you can find big volumes of traffic in good price and high converting offers to monetize your traffic.   


2. Which traffic is best for dating?


Basically, everything works good for dating. The most converting sources are: native, email, social and push. For adult there are Adult Ad Networks like ExoClick, TrafficFactory, TrafficJunky which are working really good.  

Also, it depends on the type of dating: adult vs mainstream, cause mainstream dating is almost acceptable everywhere in differ of Adult. 

Also, even big ad networks may not allow adult content and we are not even talking about some countries where it’s forbidden (Arab and Asian countries)


Dating review sites are converting really good, and the payouts are always top here since its search traffic, so users are seeking for a dating platform and the CR is really high here.

Might be tricky to work with Fb and Google traffic but still, it converts good and brings high volumes and good traffic quality. 


3. Tips in running dating.

 - creatives are crucial. Creating the most converting visuals for your campaigns is almost a talent. Dating industry is usually men’s industry, so the banners/prelanders must be really eye-catching and attractive but at the same time look natural: selfies, not a perfect light and location makes perfect CTR. 

- Also, pay attention, that in Adult banners are getting irrelevant much faster than in Mainstream;  

- GEO. All known Tier1 geos might be not the best choice from the very beginning, since these geos are the most competitive. It's better to start with less competitive ones, where the traffic price is not so high (Africa, Latam, Eastern Europe) and then to scale it.

- Test different offers. Let the manager help. Your AM always knows what offers also convert good for your type of traffic and for your geo. Don’t hesitate to ask some advice and test more offers. Than you can choose the best converting ones or just scale in this way. 


3.1 If an affiliate decides to push dating, what are some of the best advice you can give to him/her? How about lead quality?


Lead quality is something that lets you work on a long term basis with the advertiser.  

Don’t overpromise to the users. The creative and LP/dating site should be relevant. If you promise something FOR FREE - it must be for free, otherwise you’ll get only clicks and nothing after. 


Work closely with your source manager. Ask tips of users targeting and etc. Always define whitelists and blacklists so the quality of traffic won't decrease when you’re scaling. 


4. Dating offer recommendations.


Depends on the traffic source and geos. At this time along with the popular Tier1 countries, there are a lot of trending local dating sites in Nordic countries and Europe (DACH countries, ITA, NLD, ESP) or even less competitive POL, HUN and Asia (JPN, KOR, SGP) that are willing to give really high payouts. You can ask TopOffers’ Affiliate Manager to recommend you the most converting offers for your traffic and follow the advice. 




You have US traffic from Exoclick/TrafficJunky - you take (on PPL SOI) 

You got instagram traffic in Japan - go for 

 this one is more difficult since you have to make several accounts and lead users to the offer. 


Dating Review Site for German market - 

 best converting option but even more difficult, cause you have to create a dating review site which is simple technically but must be well optimised for Google. 


5. Trends in dating vertical for the next 6 months.


Time of VR and AR trends are passing away, for now its quite difficult to define smth that would be really on TOP in dating nowadays. We could mention, niche products that are getting more and more attention these months. Gay dating, mature/milfs,  dating sites for people of specific professions etc. For promoting this kind of products you have to be sure, you’ve found the right traffic source and to take into account that the volumes might not be really high. Although, once you’ve found your niche - the performance might really surprise. 


6. Facebook dating - how is it impacting the dating niche as a whole?


Nowadays, we actually don’t see any effect from Facebook dating feature for dating business itself maybe because it's available only for 20 countries. Especially it cannot effect Adult industry. It actually even can be a plus, since dating could become even more popular for users.   


7. Would there still be a market for dating outside FB? How would advertisers react to this?


Of course the dating market is still be alive outside of FB. Many users have their dating favorites, so they will use it. Plus, as we mentioned before, Adult/casual dating is quite a huge piece of the dating market. 

Facebook has always actually been a competitor since it’s always been another place for people to meet. If Facebook sticks to simply helping people find events and groups to connect at, there may not be as much overlap between the actual Fb app and Fb Dating. 


In addition, Facebook still has to gain expertise how to work with dating, and the reputation risks of the social network with the users data security and in dating it’s crucial.   


8. By running ads - we are basically trying to tell people who date on FB that what you gonna see is better than FB Dating. What are some of the key things/changes that advertisers are introducing to overcome this? 


Fb dating is not smth huge atm to try overcoming this


9. What is the revenue that the top guy is currently doing? - just to show the audience it's still possible to make it big on dating.


4 digits daily is quite good for a TOP single affiliate, 5 digits - usually for teams.


10. Possible to get better ROI without sacrificing the lead quality? What can affiliate do?


There are some ways to get better ROI and still have a good quality of traffic: 


- try to test different placements at the same source (footer/header). In google, for example, the first paid ad is not converting better than the third - but costs higher. 


- try better targeting for the same source. The elder audience is converting better in Dating than young people and they’re more payable. 


- test different creatives and never stop creating something new. The industry is very dynamic. 

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