How to work with PUSH-Notifications in Propellerads

2019-09-26 05:50:00


Reprinted from STM forum


I think everyone, who's working with POP-Traffic knows that Propellerads - it's one of the best sources of qualitative POP traffic. Why I really like this source and think that it's the best one at the moment?

·        Traffic is REALLY qualitative. Many great zones, where you can buy traffic with 1000% ROI

·        Fast moderation (about 5 min)

·        You can buy really cheap traffic

·        Ability to have big rev/cost per day

·        Good targeting options

·        CPA model

·        Great AMs

And all these things made this source the best in POP market. But recently they added a new type of traffic - Push Notifications. I decided to try, and I can say - it's really GOLD!


The main distinction between POP and PUSH is that:
POP - Not motivated. These users didn't click on our AD. 
PUSH - these people saw our AD (Image + Title + Description), so they already know what we offer to them. And the Convertion Rate (CR) will be 20-100 times more!

From Propeller's site:

User knowingly agrees to receive push notifications and has to subscribe to a website’s notifications, clearly, that guarantees real “human” users and rules out the very possibility of bot traffic presence.


So our advertisement will be shown like that:



The best verticals for this type of traffic are: 

·        Sweepstakes (Win an iPhone X etc...)

·        Mobile Content offers (Anti-Viruses, Videos, Games etc...)

·        Installs

·        Gambling

·        Dating (no nudity!)

·        Nutra (Weight Loss etc...)

·        Desktop installs (MACKeeper)

·        E-Commerce (Some really WOW-Goods)

Of course, as we're already working with POP traffic in Propeller, and the best verticals for POP are Sweeps and PINs, I think, you understand, what should we try at first?
I would highly recommend to try SweepsTakes offers (iPhone X, Samsung S9, Vouchers of Popular local shops, VISA gift cards). All these offers work great with this type of traffic.


Unlike the POP traffic there we need to use other creatives in addition to our LP. People will see our image + text, and there we have a parameter such as CTR. It's a % of how many people saw your ad to how many of them clicked it. So as you can understand, the more CTR - the cheaper traffic we get. But actually we don't have to chase high CTR, because we really need a balance between CTR and CR. For example, we may have 20% CTR, but only 30% ROI. On the other hand some campaigns with 1% CTR can show us 500% ROI. Try, try, try and you will find this balance

It's the same with Native traffic. Image - this is what draws your attention to your AD. And we have to make it very visible for our audience. 
In the source you have to use: JPG or PNG, 200KB maximum, 192x192 size. It will be an Icon of our AD. You can also add a large one with 360x240 size. What to use? It really depends on which vertical you're going to run. Here are some tips from me:

It can be photos of iPhones, Samsungs or other technics. If we have a voucher we can use a logo of the shop. We can also use prize-boxes.


We can use some symbols and icons that really can describe that something wrong with the phone.


The same with Native. You can just go to the Adplexity Native and copy some popular images 


Again it's the same with native traffic. Icon - our CTR. Text - our CR. We have to put in 30 symbols the information that will make the user click your AD. Be accurate and direct.

In these 40 symbols we continue our thought. For example in Title we can write what people can have, and there we should write how to get it. Or we can put the problem in title and offer a solution in the description.
Some good examples:

Title: You can win an iPhone X!
Description: Click now and claim your prize!

Tittle: Magic giveaway from H&M!
Description: Be fast, try your luck!

Title: 5 viruses can be found!
Description: Check your system now!

Title: $1000 jackpot is waiting for you!
Description: Sign up and receive these money!

Title: How to lose 5KG in a week?
Description: Read this secret method!

Actually, with this type of traffic you can work with any country, because this traffic has really good quality. But, of course, I can recommend some:

·        Brazil

·        India

·        Thailand

·        Italy

·        Mexico

·        Malaysia

·        Spain

·        Germany

·        Denmark

·        Chile

·        Argentine

·        Russia

·        Colombia

·        Philippines

·        Turkey


To be honest, these guys have a good campaign planner, so you will se recommended bid while you create a campaign. I really recommend to use this cost. CPM that I use:
EU: $1-2.50 for MOB and $0.50-1 for WEB
Asia: $0.5-1.30 for MOB and $0.50-0.70 for WEB
Latam: $0.3 for MOB and $0.30-1 for WEB.

Of course, in countries with a big competition you can set up to $10 CPM. But it's ok, quality is great 

Creating campaign

·        Campaign Name - I recommend to use understandable names for your campaigns, because when you have 1000+ campaigns you will remember my words
I use this construction: [GEO] Vertical - Offer - Flow - Targeting

·        Pricing Model - we use CPM

·        Ad Format - Push Notifications

·        Target URL - the link from your tracker (I use Thrive)

·        Frequency - 1/24. The user can see your ad only 1 time. If you want to show it more times, you have to create a new campaign.


·        Icon - upload an Icon for your AD (192x192)

·        Image - upload a large image to make your ad more visible (360x240)

·        Write your Title and Description.


·        Country - select GEO you want to run. Please do not mix the countries, I recommend to create a campaign for each country.

·        Usually I don't use Cities targeting, but you can try. Especially if you can write in your Title: "Special offer only for Berlin"

·        Choose the BID. I recommend to use the bid that they offer you + 1-2 cents.


·        There are no so accurate targeting options as we may have with POP traffic, but to be honest I didn't see a big difference in parameters. So it's like all things are very close to each other, so we can use "All Android" or "Android Phone" for the first test. Then if we have good results, we can create a WEB campaign. You can read about WEB traffic there


Budget for tests

I recommend to set: (payout x 20) for your test budget. For example, if you have $1.50 payout, your budget should be $30. Be careful with your budget! I highly recommend to set total budget, because in some GEOs you can spend several hundreds in 10 minutes!!! Always set total budget. If you see a good ROI, you can edit the budget or just delete it.

In conclusion 

This type of traffic is now really HOT! And it will be better for you to start your tests as soon as possible. You can create PUSH-Campaigns for your green POP ones at the beginning. There are a few people who's working now with PUSH, so you will have cheap traffic with amazing quality. I was surprised, but Nutra works really great from this traffic. I tried some offers from Adcombo and got green ROI. So try different verticals, these people didn't see a lot of ads yet, so it will be better for you to be the first who show it