【Idvert Academy】What is tracking?

2019-09-24 09:03:00


In order to maximize the benefits of mobile campaigns, you need to ensure that you can track everything you need such as your visitor's ISP (internet service provider), OS (operating system), mobile device, model, browsing, and geography areas, so you can optimize certain factors to make your mobile ads profitable at some point.

The most important metric to track in mobile is the redirect speed. Regardless of where your visitors come from, your tracking software should be able to redirect them to the LP or offer page as soon as possible.

It’s an ideal for affiliates to have multiple servers around the world, and each server has been set with tracking software, but in reality, it's too expensive and too time-consuming to manage for most affiliates. Under this circumstance, the Tracking system has emerged to resolve the previous mentioned issues. Currently the popular tracking systems in the market are Voluum, iMobiTrax and FunnelFlux.


As we al know, Voluum is one of the most powerful tracking softwares. It not only allows you to track your mobile campaigns, but also the web campaigns as well. Moreover, it can capture all the relevant data you need to optimize your mobile campaigns, while you don't need to worry about the redirects speed, even though your servers are distributed all over the world.

Post back into your tracking software。

Setting up new campaigns in Voluum requires adding new affiliates, takens and post back.

Different mobile affiliates and traffic sources use different tracking codes to set the ins and outs of campaigns. If you want to know more infprmation about Voluum, You can go to https://doc.voluum.com/?lang=en for studying.

But the price is relatively expensive. From 2016 to 2018, its subscription price is above $199. In the second half of 2018, its a monthly subscription price is $299. The current price is $69 a month, but it limits the amount of tracking feedback. And still does not support hosting to your own server.

You can set rules for redirecting visitors based on almost any criteria - whether based on the type of browsing, the version of the OS, the ISP or something else.

Besides, they offer free options to new mobile affiliates, but I recommend upgrading to their paid version because some additional features are available, such as the ability to assign your own unique domain name.

In my opinion, for a good mobile affiliate, tracking is the most basic and it shouldn’t be ignored.


The next traking tool that I want to recommend is iMobiTrax.

iMobiTrax is a tracking system that was launched even earlier than Voluum. It costs $179 a month. 

Compared to Voluum, its only advantage is that it can be hosted on its own server. However, compared to Voluum's interface and settings, iMobiTrax is really unfriendly to the newbies, and the addition and configuration of tracking parameters is even worse.

However, there are still many people using IM to track, but now you need to make some modifications to IM according to the advertising needs, you need to set the whole https redirect, cloak, landingPage as always shows, html5 history back rebound, custom postback, GEO&ISP data update, redirect rule, match cloudflare, even deployment of multi-country and multi-room, read-write separation and other transformations.




FunnelFlux is a tracking system of ad traffics, and it has the same functions as Voluum and iMobitrax. Another similar tracking system is called Binom, developed by Russian company.

FunnelFlux can be hosted on its own server, with a subscription price of $99 per month, with no restrictions on functionality. The interface is more friendly than the Voluum, and the system setup is more succinct than the previous two. In the shunting logic, you can directly draw the mind map, which makes Mediabuyers like it more than the previous two.



All Tracking systems work by tracking the click-through rate of the ad links on the Landing page, and the number and commission of successful conversions. Of course, the above three tracking systems all include the role of shunting. You can use one link to redirect to different LPs at the same time. The advertisement link on the same LP can also be set to redirect to different Offer links.


Thank you so much for today, next time,I will take Voluum as an example and teach you guys how to use a tracking systerm! Stay tuned!