【Idvert Academy】Don't even know about spy tool? How dare you to claim yourself a traffic expert!

2019-09-12 02:11:00


How do people learn new skills? We typically learn from teachers or through an instructional video, and then try to emulate it ourselves. How do students write good articles? They read the works of those great authors, then take advantages from them and develop their own style. If every researcher had to start completely from scratch, rather than standing on the shoulders of giants, scientific progress would effectively come to a halt as they would have no understanding of fundamental principles. Same in Affiliate marketing.


I’ve mentioned several times how important spy tool is in previous lessons. I mean you need a platform that gives you the flexibility to optimize your current affiliate program while also providing key insights into how your campaigns can be more successful, and this is where affiliate spy tools come into the picture. It’s important to see what your competition are up to, which can helps make sure that you don’t fall behind, in any business. Apple and Huawei have spies in each others companies.


How does spy tool work in affiliate marketing?

As we know, creative is the key of advertising campaign. Spy tool can helps you obtain creative campaign from others as a reference. You can even make attempts to improve it or add in your own twists if you can track the source files. Facebook ads are getting more and more strict, and it's getting harder for us to know what kind of creative is up to the mark, and where the boundary is, but using spy tool to get the latest and the most comprehensive creatives is a step closer to success! In this process, advertising creatives and landing pages are the most important.

Part of the challenge is figuring out which tools to use, how to use them, and under what circumstances to use them. While the following content is certainly far from exhaustive, it should give you a good idea of how spy tool works out there.

How to use spy tool?

1. Spy traffic sauce.

As we all know, paid traffic is the traffic bought from the advertising alliance, in general the traffic would go through a jump of the browsing source before jumping to your tracker. So you can start spy from the traffic source.

First of all, we need to prepare a tool to find the page where traffic source jump to, there are varies tools in the market, here I use whos. amung-us, and then create a page, insert the code, buy some traffic, and then analyze the report, here we take leadimpact as an example, the sever including:













Once you have these servers, you have to analyze where their and outgoing links, and there are some tools out there, here we choose SimilarWeb PRO, lets check it, click outgoing links first,


we got a list.


We can find it is interesting that the server actually sent a lot of traffic to http://survey.com-opinions.com/. Then it shows a report of the domain name,


as we can see in this picture, this domain name attract a lot of traffic, it means it has the spy value ,the only reason that the traffic can continuously be bought is they can make profits.

I tried to open this domain name, it jumped into a task link.


So let’s try another way. Go to the Bing site and enter this domain name : http://survey.com-opinions.com/


There are 1320 records. we random pick a link as an example.


We've found that his landing page is the location of the link hop, and the keyword is t-mobile.com. We just complete a whole process of spy.


2. Spy network

Its actually the same principle as above, we spy the traffic sauce by tracking the outgoing link, here we start with where it comes from. Like, if I want to spy what campaign does PointClickTrack promote, what landing pages he uses, we need first find his tracker. After entering this network, we found that the tracker is its own domain name pointclicktrack.com, we need to attention that most alliances do not use their own domain name as a tracker, after we found it,we can search traffic source in similar web.

Follow the mouse, we can see that a lot affiliates are using cpvlab as a tracker. Copy cpappv, also using site.com :http://cpappv.com, we can see the links shows on the table,


take any one of them, http://www.cpappv.com/base.php?c=50&key=8f5888cda06a37632ea103443c950903&keyword=check+background+check

We can get  his offer his landing page, and his keyword


3. Spy through tracker

We all know that the form of links generated by tracker is fixed, which makes it convenient to spy.Mainly use the command "inurl: " to search.

4. Spy through spy tool

Spy tool is the commercial tool /app/ software that provides advertisement and landing pages from various traffic platform. Most of them need to be paid. Spy tool can makes our work more efficiency and the coverage of the creatives are broader, so most affiliates choose spy tool to assists, the time and energy you saving are much valuable than the money you cost.Here are some of the useful spy tools that I have tested for your reference.

Idvert is one of the hottest spy tool at the moment, they main provide DSP creatives, offer information based on original Facebook ads and is the only marketing decision-making platform in the industry that provides a full range of offer data analysis. Offer and creative data cover more than 60 popular countries and regions around the world, enables you grasp the market dynamics in real time. Idvert spy tool is currently divided into Media Buy and E-commerce versions.


Media Buy Version

Provide the latest hottest and most complete Facebook/DSP/Adult creative and offer data analysis, and provide real money page download, which can help you make marketing decisions, save time and cost, and get more benefits.

Feature highlights:

1. Popular Offer overview and trend analysis (including delivery trends, regions, traffic sources, publishers, traffic platforms, etc.)


2. Offer display and search:


3. Offer details analysis (including current profile, traffic source, region, publisher, money page, ad impression, domain name analysis, etc.)




4. Sub-platform creative display (Facebook/Native/Adult)



5. Creative detail analysis


Recommended for people: Affiliate, Media Buyer, AM/BD, etc.


E-commerce Version

Including hundreds of millions of advertising data, real-time updates, massive video, image, carousel type materials, allowing users to fully grasp the advertising trend, delivery details, including independent advertising e-commerce advertising, such as Shopify, COD single-page advertising, for e-commerce The user escorts.



Feature highlights:

1. One-click screening COD



2. Multi-dimensional screening (national, language, action, website system, etc.)


Applicable people: e-commerce practitioners, e-commerce distributors


Well, we can tell that all valuable functions of Idvert, which including offer analysis, Facebook ads, and Money page download are  that are not available in the other tools on the market.