【Idvert Academy】How to create a converting affiliate Landing Page?

2019-09-04 05:55:00


Hi, guys, welcome back to Idvert Academy! So today wer’e going to learn about Landing Page. Which is one the most importpart of an advertising campaign. We need to know how to make a landing page, before I get into that, I need to first explain what a landing page is for my newbies.


You know, spend much time in online advertising and youll start to see the term landing page everywhere. But what exactly is a landing page? What makes it different from any other page? Why are landing pages so important?


The main purpose of Landing Page is to set up a separate page for the sale of products. This page is often composed of a very eye-catching title, a number of "provocative" subtitles and various evaluation data, user feedback, video/audio, HD images and payment forms. Its purpose is mainly to allow visitors to buy your product immediately.


What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are custom pages which have been created bearing the specific interests of a particular target visitor in mind. By creating a specific landing page, you can effectively tailor the customer’s experience, providing eager users the exact info they need to check. With a landing page, the process of directing the user and make them perform a particular action also gets simplified.

This will ultimately allow you to increase your database or mailing list and get more users going to the right place. This also means youll get a higher number of conversions, and that you help improve the users overall experience. Moreover, since you get the right users to fully understand what they need to do to reach the offer, youll effectively reduce costs to boot.

Why? By getting more users to check your landing page, reach the offer, and convert, youll be spending less money to get equal numbers of users coming your way, and buying your product. Amazing, aint it?


LP is an important part of the transformation, but not all products can have a straightforward and simple LP. For example, because of its particularity, if the product is used for advertising with too straightforward LP, it is generally not Will be approved by Facebook, if it is serious, it will even be titled, so in order to review, affiliates usually use cloak technology to do two kinds of LPs, one is used for reviewing the security page that looks like a normal website. The other is the real LP that is open to the audience. We call it the money page (hereinafter referred to as MP). How to make the MP both attract the target audience and meet the advertising review requirements is a technical activity and a broad affiliate. The pain point is difficult, especially for newcomers who are just getting started.


Now that you know what is a Landing Page and how important a good landing page is, its time for you to learn how to actually go about creating a landing page.


How to create a landing page?

There are many different tools you can access to become able to create a landing page. I’m not adverting for them, I just personally recommend you guys to learn how to make a landing page, and that’s gonna give you what you need. Even so, more than knowing which tools to use, you should definitely try to understand the purpose of a landing page.


How to Identify Your Audience

Everyone is different. In this industry, we must not only know this but adapt our landing page strategy accordingly. Success is gonna come your way if and when you effectively know your audience’s inner needs and desperate desires.

Once you find that out, after an intensive study and analysis of your audience, you’ll become able to better cater a simple landing page that answers the user’s needs.


The Secret Sauce: Copy

One of the most crucial factors that’ll help you come up with highly creative and high-converting landing pages is the power of your copy. Try to learn from different landing page copy courses. You really need to hone your writing skills, crafting compelling yet decisively to-the-point sentences that galvanize users, make them click, and get you some sweet conversions.


How to Analyze Traffic Coming from a Landing Page

Okay, now you’ve got your landing page and you’re the coolest landing page designer in town.

You’ve learned how to have a complete grasp of your audience, what they want, how to build the perfect landing page that gets conversions, etc. You have copy tricks and know everything you need to succeed!

But how to know if the deal is paying up?

How to measure the success of a landing page in affiliate marketing?

Here are three metrics that you should ALWAYS bear in mind when creating a landing page:

Time on Page/ Bounce Rate adnd Conversion Rate.


Spy or Die

I’ve already mentioned this part briefly. Even so, I’ll devote a whole heading to it. Either you spy or you get killed. Who are your competitors? Find them. Now go through their funnels and understand their message, the placement of several trust factors, their whole style, and even how they go about Calls-to-Action.

As I already suggested above, I recommend you to use our spy tool Idvert to do it like a pro!

A ready-made landing page can help affiliates save a lot of time and energy. Which can be seen, affiliates have a large demand for spying landing page. Over 90% of money page in the Idvert spy tool can be downloaded and directly modified for utilization.


It should be noted that many money pages have been cloaked, only the specific home IP in targeted regions can see the real money page, so if you are outside of the region then when you directly copy the link, you can see nothing you need except of the safe page. But don’t worry, we have already saved the precious content for you. You just need to click the download bottom on the side so you can get the real money page zip file.


Speed Up Your Landing Pages:

Test Your Site Speed / Use a Great Hosting Service /Optimize Images/ Minimize Redirects/ Enable GZIP Compression/ Enable Browser Caching/ HTML & CSS – Reducing Time/ c / Optimize CSS Delivery


Landing Page Examples

Now, let’s check these examples of landing pages! Take uber as an example.


This landing page was created by Uber. What’s great about it? Notice how you can easily get to understand the actions you must undertake. Here we can know that you can either register to be a driver or a rider. Which is easy, fast, and to-the-point!



Shopify never plays around.

Check how these guys start by establishing their street cred and authority: They tell you they’re trusted by half a million businesses all over God’s green earth. They’re also able to quickly let you know where to insert your email! Awsome and efficient!


Thank you so much for today, “What are landing pages?” Now you know! Sign up for Idvert, we’re gonna help you succeed!