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Hi guys, welcome back to Idvert Academy, so last time I taught you what are the demands of creatives of creatives putting demand on Facebook. So today, we’re going to discuss about what are the rules of native ads.

Native ads come in many forms, from videos to pictures, articles, music, or other forms of media. " Content marketing " is another form of native advertising, such as "other articles you might be interested in" that you often see at the end of the article, some of which may be that the company paid for it. Native advertising does not refer to a specific form of advertising, but rather an advertising concept.

Here are the features of Native advertising

  1. Visually Integrated: We need to uilding advertising in the user experience;

     2. Choice: Advertising shouldn’t interrupt the user experience and can not cause interference;

     3. Content is Content: The brand needs to push content that has real value to the user.

There are two different platforms of Native ad delivery platform.

First, Closed platform : In a closed platform, the content of the brand is built and limited to the platform. Like "Promoted Tweets" on Twitter . Besides, Sina has a fan connection and similar stuff, as well as "Sponsored Stories" on Facebook and "TrueView Video Ads" on Youtube.

The other one is open platform : On an open platform , brands can put the same set of native advertising content on multiple platforms. In other words, the content is platform-independent. A similar native ad open platform is more famously Sharethough.

You know, consumers are trying to change, they are tired of being interrupted, being bothered and "marketed." Starting with the Google search ads that are arguably the first native ads, they are used to this approach. The results are not bad,from the early stage.

As publishers have fixed their business models locally, ad placement has allowed agents and brand owners to start thinking out of the original model. Now the scope that agents have to consider extends to areas such as in-game advertising, image push, and crawling of popular online topics.

1.Create original, high quality video content

Consumers will watch brand videos just as they look at other videos. Of course, these ads need to be entertaining and curious, rather than ordering them to watch ads. AT&T's action adventure short play "Daybreak" produced five online short films, two event websites and an app to promote.

2. “Cool” culture is always a good theme for brand owners.

Diversified materials, videos, photos, images, from “imitation” to “adaptation”, just like“horse riding dance” became a cultural trend.

3. Spotify, Turntable.fm and MOG, in addition to providing an amazing music library, they also incorporating more social elements.

Brands can create shared sponsored playlists to promote topics related to their products or audiences.


4. Professional copywriting is important, because every word need to be considered, in a native ad, an instant content editor is required.

Be part of the conversation, quickly create editorial topics, and the management team needs to track conversations and data on social networks. For example, W+k take social media and technology to combine advertising and copywriting, so they can quickly get the comments about P&G's product —— Old Spice and quickly write a funny story to response. It seems that Old Spice can be successful is not unreasonable.

Four small suggestions for doing a good job of advertising:

How to create a more natural, creative, and effective native ad can be considered from the following four aspects:

1.Insert an open ad in a closed platform, What it means?In closed advertising systems like Facebook and Twitter, advertisers can create and promote customized content through their free platforms. But this content cannot exist outside the scope of this platform. A closed native advertising system is a great way to improve the user's stickiness to the publishing site, because advertisers can create their own pages and content, such as the promotion fan page in Facebook.


2. Use a friendly user interfaceCreate a layout that blends with the content of the ad while also visually appealing to the user. There are three different formats that we can see the screen.

1) Waterfall streaming typography, tweet ads (eg Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)


2) Image embedded ads (eg Pinterest, Chill, Digg)


3) Web format ads (eg Devour, Etsy, Imgur)


Then I need to mention that deliver valuable content is important.

In order to present native ads more naturally, publishers need to work with brands that produce high-quality content and match the target audience of the site. The following original advertisements published in DamnDigital Interactive China can be used as a reference:

  • Intel

  • Old Spice

  • Volvo: Ballerina Stunt Ballet Stunt (video below)

Last but not least, you need to know analyze data and track participation rates and diffusion effects.

Advertisers are no longer just care about click-through rates. The average time, interaction time, interaction rate, and user rate of users watching this ad have become important criteria for measuring the success of an advertising. Finding a good data analysis platform would be a good choice.


Buzzfeed‘s Viral Dashboard

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I hope all these content have given you clear ideas on creatives. If you have any questions, please leave it in comments, thank you so much for today!