【Idvert Academy】Creatives Putting Demands on Facebook

2019-08-21 06:18:00


Welcome back to Idvert Academy! So the last day, I reviewed different types of affiliate creatives in details. I believe you guys have mastered the basic knowledge. Today, we’re going to discuss about the demand of creatives putting on different platforms.

I made the same advertising creatives for the same offer, can I release it the whole network?

Not always! Each platform has its own requirements for publishing. Blackhat ads may be available on native and adult, but not on Facebook, so you have to know wellthe requirements of each platform to maximize the benefits.

We made an inventory of the requirement and taboos of each offer type of different platforms, hoping to lead you to the right direction.

We can say that Facebook is a advertising platform that people either love and hate. It has a large number of users, month activity and accurate user positioning, this is one of the biggest reasons why merchant  like him.

Due to the demanding on the advertisement and audit mechanism are getting more and more strict, it makes become more and more complicated to put an advertising. Especially for blackhat products. Facebook crack down on all forms of blackhat, desperate affiliate have to use a cloak to dummy distractions, in this way, the advertising creatives are hard to came out, cause you need to catch the audiences' eyeball, and also pass the audit.

The advertising format is divided into a variety of advertising forms such as rotate graphic ads, boutique advertising, video advertising, full-screen advertising, 360 panoramic advertising, etc. Advertising with different advertising forms will receive different advertising effects, so it is necessary to place advertisements. Choosing the right form of advertising, taking the psychology of the users into consideration, to receive a better publicity effect.


First, let’s first understand how users browse products on Facebook.


1.Visual effect is the most important element in catching people's attention while browsing.

2. The visual title is the most important copy, describing products such as pricing/discount/exclusive offers.

3. The title above the visual is the location of the auxiliary text, which is simple and provides additional information, creative packaging or expressing brand personality.

4. If the user is still interested in this, they will check which brand/page the content came from and consider clicking on the call to action.

Let me introduce the form of advertising and precautions.

1. Carousel image advertisement, 3-10 pictures or videos in a single advertisement position to display products or apps, users can choose to slide pictures or video to view products. Compared with video ads, there are multiple landing pages that can display Multiple products. (The image format required for the carousel advertisement must be square. The recommended size format is 1080*1080, 600*600 or 800*800 is also a more common format.)

2. A boutique bar advertisement, an image or a video will be displayed on the dvertisement, and then multiple product images will be displayed below, so that the user can see the advertisement and the detailed information of the product, which can increase the conversion of the advertisement. Rate, boutique bar ads are more suitable for the mobile shopping experience.

3. Video advertisements, which express advertisements in the form of videos, are favored by users, are easy for users to accept, can vividly tell brand stories, and greatly enhance brand awareness. Will be the form of the homepage creative in the future.

Video ads let you showcase your products, services, or brands with video. You can create a video ad in the ad management tool or quickly push a post with a video from the Facebook page.

Facebook video ads are displayed on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network with an aspect ratio of 4:5, 2:3, 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9, and a video duration of 1 min. Unlimited

In addition, there are Instagram video ads, Ins video display position in the ins story, Ins dynamic part, the aspect ratio is 1:1, the video duration is 15s.

4. Full-screen advertising refers to the combination of image + video + button + text block + product series, however this form of advertising only supports Facebook mobile use. It should be noted that the full screen format only supports Facebook dynamic (mobile version) slots and uses at least two carousels or videos.

The latest creatives specification requirements

1. Images or videos with adult content are not available:

Ads should not use images with the following elements:

(1) Suggestive behavior: licking lips, biting the lips, putting a finger or a symbolic genital object into the mouth, etc., are not allowed

(2) suggesting that the nude

(3) shows too much skin or cleavage

(4) Positions with dark indications

(5)Focus on individual body parts, such as the buttocks or chest, even if the nature is not obvious.


2. Do not use materials that are frightening or frightening

These ads contain sensitive content that often causes negative reactions from viewers.

Images that are prohibited from use include, but are not limited to:

(1) aiming at the user with a muzzle

(2) excessive blood/blood clots

(3) excessive violence in the comics

(4) car accident


3. Do not use content and claims that are misleading or deceptive

(1) Ads must not contain false, deceptive or misleading content and claims

(2) Advertising may not exaggerate or fabricate information, exaggerating product performance or service effectiveness.

(3) No false statement may be made regarding the treatment or efficacy of a chronic disease or any other disease.

(4) Avoid exaggeration or exaggeration.

(5) Do not make false or exaggerated statements that can be effective in a short period of time, such as losing weight or earning high returns in a short period of time.


4. Avoid App Fraud / Mobile Unreal Function

(1) Do not promise unrealizable effects, such as using this app to see through.

(2) Do not mislead users, claiming that the app has features that go beyond the hardware performance of the phone, such as the app can add fingerprint recognition to the phone screen / send colorful light / weighing / use the app to lock other apps.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to exaggerate the function of the product.

Well, that’s all for today, next time I will continue tell you creatives putting demand of Native ads! Thank you so much, see you soon!