【Idvert Academy】what is an affiliate creative

2019-08-07 02:54:00


Hi guys. It is true that we face many problems in the affiliate market. The list is endless. I introduced an offer, traffic and basic knowledge about advertising in previous lessons. Today I would like to share with you many opinions on how to make an effective affiliate creative.

An important part of setting up an affiliate marketing program is putting together the inventory of affiliate creatives. Without these, your affiliates will not be able to promote your brand, products, or services. In fact, many affiliates will analyze your creative inventory before joining your affiliate marketing program; so, it’s best to have a solid one in place.

If this is your first affiliate marketing program, you may be wondering what creatives are, what types of creatives are out there, and how you should create them for best results. We’ll cover all of this in the following contents.


What Are Affiliate Creatives?

Creatives are the advertising materials that your affiliates use to promote your brand, products, services, campaigns, or customer-facing offers. Some creatives are more universal while others refer to particular contexts. Some tend to have higher click-through rates than others.


Types of Affiliate Creatives: Text links、Banners、Product data feeds、Widgets、Videos、Flash Links、Advanced Form-Based Links.


How to create an affiliate creative?

Of course, the production of the creatives is not just as simple as it can look at first sight. In the beginning stage, you have to consider what kind of creative suits your promotion goal, the following key part is creativity, and the final step is production.


Making an ad actually is all about  good ideas plus editing,  and maximization of the speciality of the product to attract your customer. The hardest part is creativity. When it comes to audience, except the user portrait, you have to research and conclude yourself. But some affiliates like to dug into by themselves. They must have a lot of money and time for sure. To those in the pursuit of efficiency affiliates, they would rather prefer to use one or more spy tools to refer other affiliates' idea. For example, we can see the latest and hottest advertising ideas on Facebook, Native, and Adult platforms on Idvert. We can judge whether it is worth learning according to these ads' display duration and interactive data. If a creative frequently appears, it means its still safe, and can bring you profit, don’t hesitate, it is a campaign that worth promoting.



Here we’ve compiled some ideas for making effective affiliate creatives for you to check out.

1. The ever-popular text link

With higher click-through and conversion rates overall, text links remain a popular choice when it comes to making effective creatives. Your affiliates can also weave them seamlessly into content such as web pages and blog posts, which are particularly helpful if you have a bloggers as affiliates.

2. High-quality product images

In general, content with images tends to get more engagement – and equipping your affiliates with high-quality product images gives them a variety of options for promoting your products. Sometimes affiliates have to seek the proper materials to use and waste time they could spend on promotion and engagement.

3. Coupons

It is known that effectively used coupons increase conversions – and affiliates love a good deal to share! Coupon codes are easy to create and distribute, and can even be exclusive to individual affiliates, like “NAME20” (where “NAME” is the affiliate’s last name, for example).

4. Landing pages

One of the most effective ways to boost everything from your exposure to conversions is to create landing pages for your affiliates. An affiliate landing page can be something as simple as your homepage with a custom affiliate-specific URL. Or, it can be co-branded, designed for the relevant niche, etc.

5. Pre-written copy

Copy might be one of the more overlooked creatives, but it can be seriously effective! This is because copy can serve as actual content. Instead of being used as a supplementary ad or site embellishment, pre-written copy can end up in popular blog posts and even pillar content, potentially driving significant traffic (and sales) from organic sources to your website and products.

6. Email templates

Want to give your affiliates a head-start on their email campaigns? Email is still a very common (and effective) channel for affiliate marketing, so consider creating email templates that affiliates can easily customize to their audience.

7. Banners

As one of the more commonly-used creatives, banners add visual interest to affiliate posts and landing pages, and they can grab the attention of potential customers right away. With the rise of video content, mobile-first design, and the demand for speed, internet audiences have come to prefer quick and concise visually-oriented information whenever possible.

8. Widgets

Commonly used as sidebar and footer ads, widgets can be sleek, dynamic, and engaging. Plus, once you’ve created a widget, it’s pretty simple to make the code available to your affiliates so they can copy and paste it into their own site code.

9. Videos

Video is the king of content, and when it comes to affiliate creatives it’s no different! Video can be particularly engaging for customers, especially if they are encountering your brand for the first time.

10. Brand assets

Ultimately, one of the the best things you can do for your affiliates is to make sure they have all of the basics they need to promote your products. Creating a brand assets page makes it easy for them to see everything together all at once – and get what they need; it can also give them a snapshot of your brand, spark their creativity, and help them feel 100% prepared!


When it comes to creating your creative inventory, the most important idea to remember is that it is an ongoing process. Always ensure that the creative stays fresh and engaging, matches your own brand evolution.



How to make good use of creatives? Here we take native ads for example. The most important factor in the profitability of native advertising is the lander+offer combination, followed by creative. Finding winning creative has the potential to increase your campaign's ROI from -70% to +70%. The strategies of creatives are summarized as follows:

1. The traffic source platform will only allocate traffic to the most competitive creatives of ctr and bid. In order to discover winning creatives, you need to test creatives as much as possible.

2. Although you have added a lot of creatives, there are only a few that can get traffic. If you add enough creatives, most creatives won't get traffic. The platform automatically and comprehensively judges the quality of the creatives, and only distributes the traffic to the creatives it considers to be the best.

3. Run both blacklist and white list campaign for specific GEO and Vertical. Regularly add new creatives to the blacklist camp for testing every 2-3 days, and add the profitable creatives to the white list campaign.

4. The life cycle of winning creatives is generally not too long (a few days to a few weeks). So you must keep testing new creatives.

5. Use the spy tool (such as Idvert) to search for the most popular creatives, find the creatives for your camp, and test all the top creatives in the blacklist camp.

6. Don't test too many creatives at a time, 5 or so is best. Wait until these creatives get the data and optimize it before continuing to test the new creatives.

7. Add the creatives that can be converted and profitable in the blacklist camp to the white list camp, and add the variants of the excellent creatives in the blacklist camp to continue testing.

8. You can make variations of creatives by flipping images, mixing titles, and so on.

9. Optimize your creatives with automated tools to automatically stop poorly performing creatives.

10. Test creatives as much as possible, and don't worry about traffic getting worse because of too many creatives. The traffic platform will find and display only a few of the best performing creatives based on their own evaluation algorithms. Most of the creatives you add won't get traffic.

11. Once you find creatives that can bring traffic and have conversions, you can add this creative variant right away.

12. When the creatives loss reaches 2xpayout, stop this creative.

13. If a creative has performed well before, but it is not measured now. The situation should be that the traffic platform has found a creative that can bring it better income, and your creative is now not competitive. At this time, decisively give up this creative and continue to test more creatives with more people who may need it as possible! Leave your comments if you have any questions! Tomorrow, we’ll continue to learn the pros and cons of each type of affiliate creatives!