【Idvert Academy】How to play with Adult traffic?

2019-07-31 07:59:00


Adult traffic, as its name suggests, is advertising traffic that is focused on the adult platform and is also a common traffic in the affiliate market. . Adult niche,threshold is low, quick start, not easy to make money, also not easy to lose money. Adult dating, easily the most buzzed about niche for the past 2 years. Why is it so popular? It’s the sheer number of volume, offers, and countries available. It’s one of those immortal niches that’s going to be around for a long, long time.


As you may know, adult traffic is one of the most lucrative alcoves in affiliate marketing. Adult entertainment websites can monthly get more visitors than typical retail sites or social media. That’s, apparently, because fruit tastes sweeter when it’s forbidden. However, you should also understand that adult traffic comprises not only porn sites but online dating sites, apps, and platforms as well. Anyway, what is beneficial for affiliate marketing in this niche is that rules here are less strict and the traffic is just enormous. But how to use these pros? Here are some clues.


Breakdown of the Countries

Theres over 25+ countries at least that you can make money from. Ive grouped some of them into tiers with explanations below.

Tier 1

USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany

These countries are the cream of the crop because they have the highest volume, and the most offers available. The downside? They are extremely competitive. Not only because of the amount of people promoting to those countries, but it also gets the most time / attention from the top affiliates (80/20 rule)

Tier 2

Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada

A nice selection of offers, lower volume than Tier 1, but you can make a few hundred to a few thousand profit a day on each one.

Tier 3

India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, etc.

These countries can be profitable and lower competition, but the volume is much lower and theres not a huge selection of offers.


In 2013, Huffington Post reported that the monthly traffic of adult niche sites was way higher than the one from Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon jointly. Nearly a third part of all online data had a connection to porn. That’s a very perspective sector, isn’t it?


Pros: It’s profitable Rules are less adverse The volume of traffic is extremely high There is free adult traffic


Advantages of adult traffic

1. The threshold of adult traffic is low.

There is no need for various optimization for the creatives, and no Cloak tools are needed. In contrast, open a FB or a Google account is more strict, they not only charge service fees and taxes, but also we need to worry about if the account would be blocked and take the risk of the advertising can not get approved. Besides, a fine is required if your account is blocked.

2. Audience accuracy

As it shows on the traffic attributes, more than 90% of the adult traffic's audience are male, so we can contrapose promote male product. Which means adult traffic is more targeted, and the product demand is more relevant.

3.Low cost and high conversion

CPC in US is at a minimum of $0.04, and CPM starts at $0.15 basically.  If you want to get a awsome ad space to get better traffic. You must bid with other companies, and get a high rank.


Product types which suits adult traffic

1: Male product. Free trial and CPS  two types. Such as ED, electronic cigarette, Muscle, hair loss, adult related products.

2: Game type: Page games, mobile games, end games, CPS games  SOI and DOl which including adult.

3: Dating: Mainstream Dating, Casual dating, Adult-Dating - SOI and DOl.

4: Videos station: JAV, some video toll stations based in North America and Japan. pay a fee to register then see more Adult videos.

5: Gambling: casino, finance.


Here are some sources for adult traffic: ExoClick/ TrafficJunky/ Traffic Factory/ Ero-Advertising