Stop dreaming about $XXXX per day, achieve stable $XX first!

2019-07-19 09:08:00


Reprinted from STM forum


I'm not a moderator on this forum for too long as you know, but ever since I started, more and more people are reaching out to me. Sending me PM's, old contacts getting in touch again, some new people contacting me on skype etc ... and I try to help wherever possible, answering questions, giving hints and whatnot.

There is one thing/question popping out way too often and I would like to adress it with this post. The question is always a variation of the following : Can I scale this to $XXXX per day? How can I make $XXXX per day? What offer to choose to make $XXXX per day? What source/network/offer to use to make $XXXX per day? .... etc etc ... Or look at the follow alongs on the forum too, its all full of "journey to 1k per day... Next millionaire ... 1 million in six month ..." and similar type of titles.

Set Realistic Goals!

This is not the right way of thinking for new people and I will tell you why. Ask yourself a question, even if you "only" manage to pull in $100-150 profit per day, how many people in your country can do the same? You'd immediately be in the top 1% in the world ($32.000 per year is the global top 1%), make it $200 per day and your in top 10% in United Stats for example. Once you cross $1000 profit per day, you just became the top 1% in the USA.

We also need to "touch the reality" a bit here, its not exactly common for an affiliate to make $XX.XXX per day, its the area only few can enter and stay in. $XXXX is quite achievable, but its still the top league for the best, especially when talking about long lasting sustainable campaigns and not lucky shots. $XXX is where the waste majority of affiliates will be, which is still an awesome number by any standards.

When starting in a new business area, you should set realistic goals. Aiming for the golden club of top earners straight away, so less than 1% of the top earning people in the USA, is not a realistic goal. Its a nice dream, one that AM certainly can help you achieve, but don’t set it as your initial goal.

Take it one step at a time!

It has been said on this forum times and times again, the step from 0 to $100 per day can be, and often will be, harder than going from $100 to $500 per day. Once you find something that works, its just a matter of time, cash flow and persistence to scale it to higher numbers.

But the problem comes, when the campaign dies, and trust me that every campaign dies at some point. Then you have to search for a new winning campaign and take it to profit again. You can only consider yourself a successful affiliate marketer when multiple campaigns died on you and you always managed to bring new ones to life. One lucky campaign that made you a few grands doesn’t make you a pro, nor will it necessary be replicable. Your initial goal in AM should be to learn how to come up with these small profitable campaigns. Don’t aim for XXXX when you cant manage XX just yet. Take it one step at a time, the first step is $X-$XX per day.

Go for stability, not lucky shots!

AM is extremely stressful, you need to find the peace of mind and secure yourself somehow. Setting unrealistic goals wont help it either, the almost inevitable failure to achieve them will stress you even more. Steady smaller campaigns are the ideal cure for this. $20 profit per day doesn’t sound any special, but make 10 campaigns like this and the miracles will start to happen with your life. Having multiple smaller campaigns is also way more secure than running one large one. One campaign can die any day, 10 campaigns will never go down all at once.

AM is a real business!!!

I see people making one big mistake all the time, they treat AM as a cash-cow they have to milk as fast as possible and then use the money to start some REAL business. WTF? This is a real business, treat it like that. Invest in tools, hire the right people, build a team, invest in yourself, educate yourself... set your goals and achieve them one by one. Learn how to make $XX per day first, then scale it to $XXX ... not the other way around  Simply treat this like a real business, aim for the long term and the rewards will be yours to enjoy.