Get Approved For Your First Network

2019-07-19 08:53:00


Reprinted from STM forum


So... You're ready to roll.

You've read through the Onboarding Zone, signed up to a traffic source, figured out the difference between CPCs, CPMs and EPCs, and told your mum you don't have time to clean your room because you're about to be a millionaire.

You're ready to be an affiliate and live the life that you want to live.

Buuuuuut. There's one small teeny tiny issue. You're a newbie. Networks are refusing to take you on until you have some experience. But you can't get any experience because networks won't accept you. Catch 22.

This has been a regular theme lately - an influx of people starting out causing many networks to focus their time on their more experienced affiliates (the ones who make them their money).

Networks don't hate you because you're new. They understand. But understand this - networks make their money from those people who make the most money with them. Super affiliates make their business boom, not the new kid on the block making them $0.61 each week.

The aim of your application is to show them that you mean business.

You should have already read Zeno's guide to joining a netwok during your onboarding phase: if not, read it here.

This thread is designed to consolidate a few tips for those of you still struggling to join networks and to provide a short list of newbie-friendly networks to try!


Tip #1: Get a Website

Many network application forms have a "Website" field. Use it.

A website is simple to set up and makes you look like you're serious; buy a domain with your business name (if you don't have a a limited liability company - you should get one. Otherwise you will have to operate as a sole proprietor).

A simple website is all you need - thanks to Zeno, even this is easier as he gave us a slick simple lander template that we can use: Quick Slick Business Lander

Tip #2: Have a Gameplan

You need to know what you're talking about, and what you want.

This means you'll have to have done some research and have made some business decisions - are you going to focus on Facebook? Adult dating? App installs?

Fill out the fields accordingly. If you seriously don't know what they're talking about, it might be a sign that you need to do some more research!

It's also worth noting here that when you've been accepted, your new affiliate manager is not your PA nor your private coach. They are there to provide you with offers when you want them and to try get you promoting offers that they need promoting. Don't turn up to the network expecting them to teach you what you need to know. Turn up prepared.

Tip #3: Follow Up

Nothing says that you're serious and ready to go like a follow up call.

In saying that, bear in mind that networks receive hundreds of applications and you must be a bit patient. Don't contact them straight away asking them to let you in.

Ideally, wait a couple of days before contacting them (pick up the phone and give them a call, contact them here on the forums, or contact them on skype). Keep it professional and DON'T BEG.

Here's a nice little network Skype directory courtesy of your friends at STM: Network Skype Directory

Tip #4: Tell Them You're On STM

Being a member of the world's best affiliate marketing forum speaks volume. You're not just another Joe Blogs with no idea. You're committed and have the best possible learning resource at your fingertips.

Don't be too modest to mention it!

UPDATED: Newbie-Friendly Networks List

This list is not in any order nor is it by any means comprehensive. But these are a few newbie-friendly (or so I've been told!) networks to take a shot applying to.