"Invisible Killer" for E-commerce sellers to get high traffic and high conversion rate

2019-07-19 08:38:00


High user bounce rate and high abandon rate of shopping carts are problems faced by many e-commerce sellers. There are many reasons for both the problems, such as the uncompetitive price of website products, unsatisfactory website security, and long checkout process, expensive shipping costs, as well as restrictive return policies. But in addition to these obvious factors, there are some relatively "recessive" factors hidden in the subtleties of website design, website content wording and navigation bar.

This article summarizes seven common but easily overlooked sales "killers":

"Killer" One: spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

Word misspelling or vocabulary application errors can cause customers to be interrupted while browsing your website. This will not only affect the customer's shopping experience, but also damage your marketing message, as well as your professional image in the customer's mind.

To avoid this problem, the seller needs to carefully spell check each part of the text content. To find the grammatical errors and correct them in time the seller also needs to use the English grammar tool such as Grammarly.

"Killer" two: long sentences without interruption

When writing, people use punctuation marks to effectively segment sentences, making them more fluent to read. On the contrary, if your sentences are long, it will greatly reduce people's reading speed and comfort. This is not in line with customers who has a fast reading habit. Once this happens, the chance for consumers to leave the page will be greatly improved.

Therefore, sellers should learn to point out their product features in short sentences.

"Killer" three: bad color matching

If your website has a high bounce rate, the problem may be in the color scheme of the website, which may be your overall color design problem, or the appeal of the action button and the navigation bar.

The picture below shows people's overall color preference. Blue and green are the most popular colors, and brown and yellow are the least popular.


To solve this problem, you need to have a certain understanding of your audience and use their favorite color scheme. Note that editing your website with CSS will ease the discoloration.

"Killer" four: rely on the product description given by the manufacturer

Many sellers use the manufacturer's product description directly, but this is not appropriate. Because manufacturers usually focus on the production, while pays little attention to the product description. The manufacturer's product description has a heavy sense of advertising, which will make shoppers feel resentful while reading.

In order to improve the page conversion rate, e-commerce sellers should learn to write their own product descriptions. Start from the audience needs, then test them, select the best-performing description, and apply it to your webpage.

"Killer" five: bad product images and videos

High-quality photos and videos always attract people's attention. On the contrary, low-pitched and blurred photos can't bring people's interest. This is why Amazon requires sellers to have a product with a height of at least 1001 pixels and a width of 2560 pixels, as shown below.

High-quality product images can be scaled freely to meet the browsing needs of shoppers from a variety of devices.


"Killer" 6: Lack of strict website testing process

The difference between a computer screen and a mobile phone or a tablet screen may result in different content display. In order to ensure that all kinds of devices on the desktop and mobile devices can run smoothly and display all parts of the content consistently and reasonably, the seller needs to test the website across different devices and browsers. Make sure that your website follows modern HTML and CSS standards to meet the needs of customers using different versions of software and hardware.

"Killer" seven: lack of customer survey

It’s not always easy to find the culprit that leads to high website bounce rates and high cart abandonment rates. The user test platform can provide you with real customer access videos, help you identify issues that affect the user experience, and keep an eye on the interface when customers stop scrolling or clicking on various information.

In addition, you can actively and honestly seek customer feedback. They are also happy to help you. If you still have doubts, consider providing customers with a small gift, such as buying coupons or others bonuses.