Capture the best exposure time for Facebook posts, increase marketing coverage and engagement

2019-07-19 07:59:00


Reprinted from cifnews

There is no doubt that social media is very effective in driving website traffic, promoting brand online visibility, expanding email subscribers, and ultimately increasing online sales. Many marketers are trying to find the best time to post on Facebook for maximum reach, engagement, and sales. However, social media marketing rules are constantly changing and new opportunities are emerging. So it is very tricky and challenging to maintain optimal strategy at all times.

All the preparations are ready, but you still don't know where to start or what to focus? There is always nothing wrong with trying more. You know, there aren't any magic formulas that can be applied to make you become a social media expert overnight. Only practice makes perfect. Take Facebook as an example. There are more or less unexplored potential customers on the platform, but you are constantly missing them. If you know the best posting time for your audience, things may improve.

Combine user online habits, capture the best posting time

The financial industry often talks about market timing, so for social media, it must be aware of the social timing. I believe you already know the Facebook timing trends and have started using the Facebook insight tool for data analysis. Many companies' online businesses are 24-7 and likely to cover the whole world. But no matter which time zone you are in, you can summarize some of the users’ online activity habits. Here are some interesting statistics:

● The highest average click through rate (CTR) (representing the number of people clicking on a link on your post or the ad on Facebook) occurs more between 1 pm and 4 pm and peaks at 3 pm on Wednesday.

● The highest average click through rate (CTR) (representing the number of people clicking on a link on your post or the ad on Facebook) occurs more between 1 pm and 4 pm and peaks at 3 pm on Wednesday.

● The worst time to post a post seems to be on the weekend, before 8 am and after 8 pm.

● Adding photos or images can increase engagement – almost a 100% chance, with the picture post “Like” and double the number of comments.

● Video and Facebook Live are more attractive than regular posts.

Based on these trends and specific goals of each post to decide the posting time.

If you want more shares of your post, try to publish your post at 1 PM. Because at this time people seem to be in a relaxed mood. They might not read the post content in detail, yet they are more likely to click on the share or like button to let their colleagues and friends take a look.

Although your post may get more clicks on Wednesday, don't exclude from statistics the real user engagement on Thursdays and Fridays. It's not surprising that people usually need 12-24 hours to digest what you're conveying. So it's nothing wrong with adding 6-7% engagement data from Monday to Wednesday. Facebook’s so-called “happiness” index is 10% higher on Friday than other weekly work hours.

How do these factors influence your Facebook marketing strategy? Obviously, you can try to release new materials during the daily "afternoon depression" after lunch. People are often "slow" in the afternoon, and before returning to work, they are used to browsing Facebook to activate their thinking. It also allows them to keep up with the latest happenings. This is the perfect time for pure marketing interaction. If you want more shares and engagement, then you need to make full use of the afternoon time and the content may not necessarily be related to sales.

Again, why not postpone the statistics summary to the next week? Usually reading numbers are low on the weekends. After all, many people only check their social media for a moment on weekends and then go on to their family outdoor activities, or housework chores. Of course, there're exceptions, in case your business is related to people's hobbies or to their job position, while they are more likely to interact with their hobbies or interesting business during weekend breaks.

Anyway, you need to schedule a post or hire a social media marketing manager to run your Facebook account. A good social media marketing can help you maintain your brand's online reputation.

Use Facebook insights to analyze audience habits, optimize post content and release time

In addition to the main trends of the time concluded by the habits of Facebook users, which were outlined above, there is a more powerful way to determine the best release time based on your target audience—using Facebook Insights.

The data in Facebook Insights are basically about the user behavior of your Facebook fan page followers, from which you can accurately see when your audience is most likely to interact with your Facebook page.

If most Facebook followers interact with your posts on weekday nights, you should do more quality posts in the evenings during the week. If the data tells you that your followers have more interaction with your homepage on weekends, then obviously you need to publish more posts during the weekend.

Facebook Insight will tell you a lot about how users use and interact on your homepage – these are the best ways to guide marketers to continually optimize posting time, post content and marketing strategies.

You can also use Facebook Insight to learn a lot about the number and mental state of your followers, as well as the people who interact with you on Facebook. In addition, there’s another tool Facebook Pixel which can help you collect information of visitors to your website. These data are important information for your ad targeting and content optimization when you officially launch Facebook paid ads.

For a successful campaign, accurate targeting of a Facebook post and the time of posting are as important as the post content itself. Its diversity could mean an explosive breakthrough or a massive failure. Social media has become an important part of modern business. Check your post schedules from time to time to make the most of your Facebook posts and make sure they reach your target audience better; whether you want to attract more people, get more engagement, or want to get more clicks to build your list of potential customers or generate more sales.