10 Facebook advertising copywriting ideas, increasing your conversion rate by 30%!

2019-07-19 07:46:00


Reprinted from cifnews

The average daily active user number of a social media platform is 1.09 billion. As a variety of social platforms are emerging, many people think that Facebook's influence is weakening, but the data below shows people actually now love Facebook more than ever - 70% of Facebook users in the US log in to Facebook every day, while Instagram - 59%, Twitter - 38%, Pinterest- 27%, and LinkedIn has only 22% daily login.


Facebook and Instagram daily users (via Pew Research Center)

For marketers, all of these users have a huge value, and Facebook has become one of the best advertising platforms for B2B and B2C businesses. In the past few years, as Facebook's natural coverage has declined, savvy marketers have gained a lot of benefits in Facebook advertising by continually optimizing their advertising strategies.

The success of Facebook advertising is made up of many parts, such as accurate audience targeting, attracting images or videos, and compelling advertising copywriting. This article will answer the question about advertising on Facebook and give examples of how to write better Facebook ad copyrighting to achieve conversion.

1. Why is Facebook advertising so effective?

There are a lot of users on Facebook, but it’s not certainly to generate a lot conversions when advertising on it. The key to Facebook advertising is targeting! Facebook has the best ad targeting system compared to any other website. With this targeting feature, advertisers can segment the audiences involved in the ad. So how do you accurately target high-conversion audiences?

If you are selling garden hoses, you can contact people who are interested in gardens and home improvement. If you're selling Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, you can target people who have visited your website or ad landing page.

Here are some ways to target ads that can be used on Facebook:

● Custom Audience - Allows targeting of existing or prospective customers.

● Location - Allow audience targeting by location (city, state, country).

● Gender - Allows targeting by gender (male or female).

● Interest - Allows targeting by interest (eg fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion, literature).


● Behavior - Allows you to target based on what users have viewed/doing, such as people visiting your site.

● Connect - Allows targeting for people who have visited and followed the advertiser’s homepage or who have already interacted.

2.Two types of Facebook ads

There are two main types of Facebook ads that marketers can use:

(1)Sponsorship ads (news feed)

These posts appear directly on Facebook Newsfeed. Users can see them as they navigate through their friends' moments. This type of advertising looks as prominent as a post from a close friend. Here's an example of an advertising post from Farm Hill.


Facebook advertising post from Farm Hill

(2)Right side column advertisement

The other is the right side bar ad - it is displayed in the right column of the Facebook page. These ads are small, but they don't scroll as the page slides like a new post. The main purpose of marketers using right-hand column ads is mostly to retarget the audience. Here's an example of West Elm's right column ad:


West Elm right column ad

Note: Newfeed ads contain a variety types of format, so this article will focus on the writing of such ad posts, of course, these tips can also be applied to the right column ads.

3.Write advertising copy, guide users to achieve conversion

When it comes to Facebook ads, most people would first think of image ads. Indeed Images are very important in Facebook ads, yet the copywriting is equally important as well!

If you have invested a certain amount of money in Facebook, and want to ensure that it can fulfill its mission and bring you the corresponding advertising benefits, then a good ad copywriting can help you convince the audience to click into your landing page and also can serve as a guide – it will clearly show the audience where they need to go.

Great advertising copy can be convincing, inspiring and entertaining. It can help you to connect with your audience, cut off redundant information, and make your ads more exceptional. This is an important part of successful advertising.

How to achieve this purpose? You may try to use the following principles.

(1)Write copywriting for a specific group of target audiences

When it comes to online sales, people usually want the copywriting can showcase the product benefits all-around. However, an effective advertising copywriting should be targeted to a specific group - even for a specific person before its writing.

This specific person is the target of your promotion. Pretending you are a sales person in a real face-to-face selling situation, now you have to focus all your attention to this person’s needs and try to persuade him for the purchase.

On Facebook, you can target your audience more precisely. For example, you can target an ad to the group of 30 years woman who lives in the United States and like fitness. Therefore, you can write specific copywriting to them. Remember! Grasping the needs of customers and writing copywriting for their needs are more attractive than simply introducing all product features to them.


Facebook audience defidefinition

(2)Write different copywriting for different audiences

This is also in line with the idea of audience targeting. There are many different reasons why your customers need you. So why choose to use an ad for all users? Targeting ability is one of Facebook’s major advantages, so don't regard Facebook ads as billboards on the road.

For example, suppose you are a clothing retailer who sells men's and women's clothing, as well as shoes, accessories, sportswear, underwear, and even bathroom and body products. Many customers may be interested in some of your products, but most of them will only be more interested in one category. In short, women are naturally more interested in women's clothing.

This video ad from Old Navy advertises its sportswear. The ad aimes at people who rank fitness as an interest. In this way, Old Navy attracts the right audience through its ads.


Old Navy's "Get moving in style" Facebook video ad

(3)Ensure that the text and image accurately match with the advertising information

Many companies have the problem of lacking good image creatives. They don't even create corresponding advertising pictures for specific activities. In that, when they need to advertise, they always wish to use all their existing image resources, time and time again.

It is very likely that the picture content does not match the copywriting, which brings a very bad experience to their Facebook users. If the copywriting is seriously different from the picture, the user can't even understand what the ad is actually promoting. Not to mention clicking on its ad page, such an advertisement is simply a waste.

Starbucks stitched together three images to create a powerful visual effect for its "world's largest #StarbucksDate" event. The copywriting mentions “French News Coffee Verona and Chocolate Brownie” and is also visualized in the image. In this way, Starbucks clearly tells the audience what to expect when customer enters their coffee shop on StarbucksDate, resulting in high advertising effectiveness.


Starbucks "#StarbucksDate" Facebook Campaign

If you're working hard to create an ad image for a Facebook ad, you can use image tools like Canva, PicMonkey, and Pablo by Buffer to create your own ad.

In addition, marketers must pay attention to avoiding these “Facebook advertising policy minefields” when making advertisements. Otherwise, the creative is easy to be rejected and the cost of advertisements will increase, which affects the advertising strategy. If the account is banned, the approval for a new ad account would take longer and the standard is more strict; even with the possibility to be blacklisted by the Policy Team.

(4)Use guided keywords to improve ad conversion

The best Facebook ads have a clear goal whether trying to increase brand awareness, gain industry leadership, or drive purchase conversion. In any case, advertising copywriting should have clear guiding words. Otherwise Facebook users would not know where to click or process when seeing your ad.

The following picture shows Society6’s iPhone case selling advertisement. In addition to displaying its products, the advertisement also has a button "Shop Now" to guide users to the Society6 website for the final purchase conversion.


Society6 Facebook advertising, guiding users to the next step

(5)Keep it simple and concise, show your value

When you invest your budget for an ad, you'll probably try to show as much as possible about your product's value and explain your product to the consumer. However, when making a Facebook ad, always remember to keep it simple and concise, you must bring more value with a short copywriting.

What can customers get from using your product? What is the special use of your product to them? These are issues that should be of interest when writing an ad copywriting. These points should be captured in a clear and concise manner during the ad writing process.

For example, TaskRabbit provides services for hiring others to do housework, and the value is that when users are busy and overwhelmed, someone can help them with all the housework in a timely manner. In the following ad, TaskRabbit's copywriting is sharing this value: “It's easier to do everything than you think”, “Taking a task clerk”, “We have completed the housework.” Only three sentences fully explain its value and service.


TaskRabbit's "Hire a Tasker" Facebook ad, dominated by service value

(6)Easy to understand, accurately express product information

The requirements for copywriting are actually not high. Maybe you are a college poet, but too flamboyant rhetoric may confuse your advertising message. So, it's time to cut down on those lengthy expressions.

The first task of advertising copywriting is to write an easy-to-understand Facebook ad for anyone. Even a fifth-grade student sees your ad, he can immediately know:

● What products/services does this advertiser offer?

● How does this product/service benefit users?

● If the user is interested in this advertising content, what should be done next?

That's why SoFi's advertisement stands out, and its main service is to refinance student loans. In this Facebook ad, the copywriting is concise and clear: pay off the loan faster. SoFi explains what it provides (loan refinancing), revenue (faster repayment of the loan), and what to do next (apply now).


SoFi's "fast pay off loan" Facebook ad, simple language

(7)Straightforward numbers

If you are selling a physical product, people would like to know its price. If you are making a promotion, users would like to know the discount and how much the price has dropped. Effective copywriting strategy is always headed by numbers.

Take San Diego car retailer Ball Honda’s Facebook ad as an example, it clearly tells users how much it will cost to buy a car and if the user selects CRV installment, he needs to know what benefits will be obtained and the date the promotion ends. The advertiser did not set the ad to everyone in San Diego - their target audience was those who had already visited their site.

The ad may not look particularly good, but it's useful, it effectively reminds users that they can come to their dealership when they are ready to buy a car.


Ball Honda's Facebook ad, frankly using numbers

(8)Multi-party comments

If you are trying to market your brand every day, in order to ensure the brand image, you must ensure your Facebook advertising copywriting can resonate with the users. Therefore, you need to take a look at your Facebook newsfeed and check out the ads. Which ads do you want to click? Which ads fail to attract you?

Getting some reference information from someone else might be a good idea. You can hire a freelance writer or editor to write an ad for you or help you brainstorm. You can also test the effectiveness of your ads from colleagues, especially those outside the marketing department, to see if they think your ads are effective. Friends and family - People outside the company can also provide you with an opinion close to the audience.

(9)Repeated testing to get the best copywriting

The only way to optimize Facebook ad copywriting is to run the test. Facebook can easily test ad with a small budget. Finally, the only way to test the pros and cons of an ad copywriting is to gain experience through testing.

Try to set two different ads - each with the same image, but a different copywriting - to see which ad is most likely to resonate with more audiences, and which version gets the most likes, comments, and conversions.

For example, Post Planner once published the same ad but with a different copywriting. In an advertisement, they used question form to advertising. In the second ad, they talk to the audience in a friend's way. This is a subtle change, but its final result must be able to contrast which version is more likely to resonate with the users.



Post Planner Facebook ad with experimental ad copy

Good advertising on Facebook will eventually lead to sales. As a marketer, you need to combine the powerful copywriting, quality images, and precise targeting to create a complete ad, while a strong copywriting is an important part of a good Facebook ad. Don't overlook the importance of it!

10. Learn the excellent copywriting from your competitors

If you feel that researching and testing a copy is too time consuming, consider writing a copy of a good ad directly, which can be easily found on Idvert.