How to write correct shopify headline and description

2019-07-19 07:35:00


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The procedure of uploading products in Shopify is very simple, but the optimization for keyword is not easy at all. This optimization includes:


  •  Title Optimization

  •  Description Optimization

  •  Keyword Optimization


Doing a good product keyword optimization can bring consider able traffics to your Shopify store and generate conversions!

So why are the title and description of the product page so important?

There are three major reasons:

First: search engine optimization and ranking

Even now the searching still can't escape the keyword to find the content and information that the user wants. All search information, including Google and Amazon, are based on keywords.

So implanting keywords in the title is good for search engines to discover your site and crawl your site.


Second: website window

When you open the page, and move the mouse to the website window(tab) you’ll see the title of the page, as shown below:


In addition, user usually opens a lot of browser windows (such as the picture below)


Then, when your mouse moves to the window, you also will see what type of this website is by the title, which is convenient for users to browse.

Third: social sharing

For example, if a user wants to share a specific product on asocial platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, then the title you use will be used as a socially shared title.


Today we’ll discuss the writing and attention of TDK, I hope it can be helpful to you.

First, let’s open the product background of Shopify and enter the Products option, as shown below:


Click add product and you can upload the product.

The background editing of products can be divided into the following options:

  •  Add product(Title,Description)

  •  Images

  •  Pricing

  •  inventory

  •  Shipping

  •  Weight

  •  Variants

  •  Search engine listing preview

Let's talk about these main functions separately.

Title & Description

This is what shopify official mentioned about Title & Description :


The title and description are basically the most important elements in SEO!


So in terms of writing the title, you should follow these points:

First: the title must match the content you are showing(otherwise it will cause your website to have a high bounce rate and a bad user experience)

Second: implant keywords in the title

Third: the keywords are better in the former part of the title.

I would not recommend writing the product page like this:

Brand Name | Major Product Category – Minor Product Category –Name of Product

Such kind of title is close to the product description inside the page. In that, if Google search engine does not display the second half of the content,then your title will have a huge problem to be recongnized.

Fourth: Do not pile up keywords

Remember do not pile up keywords like nonsense. For example, if you write the title with keyword Bells in this way:

Blue Bells, Yellow Bells, All Types of Bells | Bells Bells and More |

Obviously such a title layout is unreasonable, because there are too many keywords piled up. Google is very smart now and knows very well what you are writing this title for. So don’t waste your space for keywords like this.

So what’s the better way to write the title?

I suggest you write this:

Blue & Yellow Bells | Doorbells |

and so

Wrong way of writing: Blue Bells, Yellow Bells, All Types of Bells | Bells Bells and More |

Correct way of writing: Blue & Yellow Bells | Doorbells |

Fifth: You can add a brand name at the end of the title. The general display is ..................... | Brand name

If your brand name is famous, be sure to take advantage of it.This will be helpful for your search. The brand name is usually written after the title.

It can be written like this:

[Product Name] – [Product Category] | [Brand Name]

Sixth: The title must be attractive

List the competitor's title for comparison, what do you think your own title?

Also keep in mind that your title is not only for the search engine, but also for the user, so you should write more from the user's perspective.

Seventh: the title is limited by the number of characters

It is recommended that the characters in the title be controlled within 70 characters, including spaces. Exceeded characters will be shown by Google as ........

As shown below:


About Description:

What do we need to pay attention to when writing the description?

1. Write a unique description for each page

2. The description can contain keywords

3. Do not pile up the keywords

4. The description should include the characteristics,attractiveness and summary of your products.

5. Can be used for the keywords in the description, long tail words, variants, synonyms

6. The description should have a call to action

7. Note that the description section has a character limit(recommended to be controlled within 156 characters)

About URL

In shopify, the URL can be selected by default, or you can choose a custom keyword link (also suggest that keywords in the URL cannot be stacked)


So what is the description of the title and description in Google? As shown below:


The above picture has clearly marked the product's title,description, and SEO link.

Another special note is:

First: It’s not 100% guaranteed that Google will display your description as you wrote. In most cases, Google will adopt it, but not guaranteed 100%.

Different users search for different keywords, therefore Google will use the other content on the page as a description in some occasions. In other words, Google will display the description that it deems the most relevant. Please pay attention to this.

Second: To save the time, many people who do B2C will directly copy the title and description of products from the factory during uploading,this is absolutely not feasible for optimization and ranking of your website.

In addition, there are several tools to judge whether you have exceeded the number of characters when writing a shopify title and description.Such tools are:




These are also the tools I use very often. If you also have useful analysis tools, welcome to share with us.