Operation strategy of independent website: how to target the accurate group and improve the order conversion rate?

2019-07-19 06:15:00


As independent website is getting hotter. More and more e-commerce sellers are stepping in and trying to get a share from the market. But how to create self-independent site and how to get accurate traffics of the target group afterwards? These are the common questions for the starters. So let take a look on the following Q&As.


Q: What methods are currently in place to set up independent foreign trade website?

A: At present, there are mainly two methods for setting up independent foreign trade website. One of them is the traditional website construction, and the other is the cloud based SaaS technology. Each of them has its own features.

  1. The traditional website construction has:

  • a relatively long construction period;

  • high cost and usage threshold;

  • difficult upgrade and maintenance.

  1. The SaaS website is characterized by:

  • more comprehensive functions;

  • low cost;

  • shorter station construction period;

  • continuous upgrade service.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that everyone Use SaaS to build a website.


Q: What are the sources of traffic for independent website? What are the more commonly used channels?

A: Nowadays, the options for getting traffics are really diversified. SEO is no longer the only choice. The commonly used methods include:

  • online advertising;

  • KOL marketing;

  • promotion websites;

  • evaluation websites;

  • email marketing (EDM);

  • self-media;

  • social promotion.

Sellers can advertise on social platforms, search engines, ad networks, portals, or industry websites to purchase traffic; they can also be diverted through KOLs, discount sites, and assessment sites; they can also manage Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and other self-media to make exposures, but this is a long-term behavior to see a significant effect. In addition, it is also a good marketing method to send advertisements and other information to target users via email (EDM).


Q: When the traffic is led to the website, how can the seller improve the conversion rate? What strategies are there to optimize the landing pages?

A: The conversion rate of independent website should be improved systematically.  It requires the operators to comprehensively consider each link, namely:

  • advertising form,

  • target audience,

  • creative and copywriting,

  • event planning,

  • landing page designning,

  • conversion method, etc.

In the end, the best conversion results will be achieved.

About landing page optimization, it involves multiple operational dimensions such as event planning, page content designing, website speed, bounce rate, and shopping cart abandonment rate. Among them, the content and form of event planning have a very direct impact on the conversion rate. The greater the incentives for general activities, the higher the conversion rate is. The content of the page needs to highlight Various elements such as countdown display, inventory display, main picture video, activity title setting, and CTA button (conversion button) design.

In addition, there are three important points to emphasize on landing page optimization. The Call to action button of the landing page must be clear and distinct, and should also be focused on the urgency elements and the differentiated elements (reflecting unique advantages). For example, sellers can display limited time snapping activity information on the landing page to increase the buyer's urgency.


Q: In order to reduce the bounce rate, how can independent website sellers optimize the website?

A: Bounce rate =a number of visits when only one page is accessed / total number of visits is an indicator that can be tracked and optimized, and intuitive data can be seen through Google Analytics (GA). If you do not consider the source of visitors, products and other factors, from the perspective of the website itself, you can optimize from the following aspects:

(1) page loading speed

The PC loading speed should be less than 5 seconds and the mobile should be less than 3 seconds.

(2) The page layout is clear and reasonable

Clear navigation, clean pages, showing related products

(3) The theme of the landing page is prominent, and the next step is clear

(4) The content of the website has characteristics, and there are rich industry knowledge articles.

(5) The website reflects professionalism and gives users a sense of trust.


Q: How to optimize the website to improve the page loading speed?

A: The speed at which the website is opened is an important indicator. It is more of a technical metric. It is generally recommended that the PC-side loading completion control be within 5 seconds and the mobile-side control within 3 seconds.

To optimize this metric, there are some practices:

1.Select the appropriate target area server;

2.Server configuration optimization (CPU (occupied less than 80%), bandwidth (recommended independent bandwidth 2M or more) and other factors);

3.CDN technology, high concurrency solution;

4.Cache technology, staticize the page;

5.Website page loading element optimization (JS, font, picture and other factors);

It should be noted that if the seller chooses SaaS to build a website, it only needs to control the volume of the image. Other The SassS supplier will handle the other optimizations. Comparably, if it is a traditional way to build the website, it will take more effort and cost to do the optimization.


Q: Please give some advices to the independent website sellers.

A: At present, from the perspective of traffic acquisition cost, compared with domestic traffic, overseas traffic is still in a bonus period, and the price is relatively cheap. For cross-border e-commerce sellers, selling products through independent website is a good choice.

However, unlike third-party platforms, independent website sellers need to address both traffic and conversion rates, so they need to have strong ability to obtain the traffics.

Finally, please believe that there is a solution to everything. Once you have identified the trend and direction, you must practice it earnestly.