How to use Facebook to select products?

2019-07-19 06:01:00


Editor's Note: The author Gu Xiaobei is an authoritative B2C marketing expert in mainland China. He has rich experience in cross-border e-commerce and is willing to summarize his experience in blogs to share with friends in the industry. Idvert is very honored to receive the reprint authorization of his articles and will share them with everyone, hope you can be inspired from it.

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Step 1: How to find promising products by the video?

It’s known to all that Facebook has now become the largest social marketing platform? No matter what online business you do, a lot of works have to be done with Facebook.

Just like if you are doing marketing in China, can you bypass WeChat?

So the same is true on Facebook, many businesses will use the Facebook channel for marketing.

At the same time, we will definitely find some rules. For example, many people who do marketing will sell discounts on the Facebook platform, so we can use the Facebook search box to enter the keywords.

  ◎ 50% off free shipping

  ◎ Free shipping

Then select the video tag, the year is 2018, and view the video from the past 3 months.


In this way, you can see some recent video promotion products, take a look at how many times the video was played, the number of comments, and of shares.

Then repeat the same operation, just replace the search with

60% off free shipping

70% off free shipping

just pay shipping

If the post has a comment in the past 5 or 7 days, this product may still have some potential on it and can be used in your own store.

If you have decided to do some niche, you can change the search to

baby just pay shipping

golf just pay shipping

necklace just pay shipping

Such as shown below


Here I only select the Video tab for viewing. I have used this example many times before, and have repeatedly shared. I won’t repeat it here (of course you can also see other labels, no problem)

Then through this method, we can dig out the latest products, especially those who do Dropshipping. Many of them use this method to promote.


Step 2: How do I use these products in my own store?

First, open the found video and click on the product link (the claimed video must have the promotion link)

At this time, visit the details page through this product link, copy the title, and then search in AliExpress, use Oberlo to import the same product found into your store.

Through the video, we can find the link and enter the website, as shown below


Here, we can copy the title and search for products directly on AliExpress.


In this way, you can directly find the source of the vendor, and you can calculate the profit point of the product.

If you want to put the video in your own store, you can use Idvert to download the Facebook video.

Ok, what if the video has a watermark?

Use some video editors to remove the watermarks and logos. Don’t worry about the video infringement, because you are not the only one who are using it, , many other dropshippers will use them too.

Is theft of video infringement?

Yes, steal video is infringement!

But when you advertise, you are using your landing page, not using the video directly!

"That is still infringement!"

The essence of this kind of business is to quickly obtain traffic, quickly obtain high-value profits, and save time and cost...

"That is still infringement!"

Bro you are quite a headache~~


Step 3. Monitor competitors’ ads

Next, you have to spy the competitor's ads, know how their creatives are, and what the audience is.

For example, if you know who your competitor is, do this: Open your opponent's Facebook page and click on Info and Ads on the left to show which ads your opponent has placed in a country.


Of course, ads in info and ads are limited, so I recommend Idvert which you can use to spy the real-time updating ads from your competitors, including the data behind it.


In your newsletter, if you only want to see the ad made by your opponent and don't want to see other information, you can install the extension Turbo Ad finder to filter it out.


If you still don't know who your competitors are, do this: Search for competitors on Google and then go to Facebook to monitor their ads.

Google search site: niche, or niche, such as jewelry, so the result of the search is other shopify shop to do jewelry, as shown below:


Install Facebook Pixel Helper (check if your opponent has a Facebook ad). Then visit the competitor store, click on the Pixel Helper icon in the upper right corner, as shown below, find the 3 pixels of MVMT.


If the pixel helper icon is gray, it means that no pixels were found on this site.

Then add a few products to the shopping cart, or browse its website frequently (the opponent is likely to have Facebook tracking pixels installed, then Facebook knows that you are browsing his website), and later you will find that your competitor's Facebook ads will be shown in your news feed.

If you add its products to the shopping cart, after returning to Facebook, you will see the information sent to you by the opponent in the lower right corner.


Click on why I seeing this, Facebook will tell you why this ad was shown you.


Look at the picture below, the red mark is the reason, this is to tell you how the competitor is advertising.


So we monitor competitors, you have to focus on the following information, such as:

Copywriting and creatives;

The age target is 13 years old or older;

The target audience is the visitor who visited the MVMT page;

Ad placement in the news feed.

You can use this strategy to find relevant products on Facebook (who doesn't use Facebook for marketing), and then you can know the strategies, copywriting, and creatives they promote. On this basis, we can also know the competitor’s adverts!

However, this method is very time-consuming and laborious. The most important thing to do this business is efficiency. So Idvert has saved a lot of your time by integrating all the data. If you don't know your competitors, you can search for the same category to find it. For example, if you search for "watch", we can find many competitors who sell watches.


If you are interested in one particular competitor, you can see all of his ads by clicking on the advertiser's name.


Of course, its ad interaction data, ad placement, launch time, country, device, delivery strategy, URL and landing page, and interactive trends are all clear at a glance.


The age, gender, country, and domain name analysis of the advertising audience are also shown to you. Creatives copy, image, video, and even landing page you can download and use.

So for the seller, Idvert is a really a good tool to save your time and money. If you are interested, try it.