How to Choose Dropshipping Products?

2019-07-18 09:50:00


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Okay, today our topic is how to choose dropshipping products?

Most beginners of cross-border e-commerce will ask a question: how to choose the selling products?

Regardless of which platform to use, the product selection is a very critical issue. If you choose the right product, you are on the right track of make money, and vice versa.

Everyone knows the importance of the right product, so the question is how to predict and find them?

Today, I will share some tips of the product selection on various platforms. Here are the examples of ladies' jackets.


1. AliExpress selection

So far, AliExpress is undoubtedly the best Dropshipping platform in the world. Almost all dropshippers are selling products with AliExpress and earning a fairly high profit. Basically you can find all the products you want on Aliexpress.

There are millions of suppliers on AliExpress, but not all of them are trust worthy. When selecting products, we should pay attention to the product reviews, as well as the credibility of the suppliers and the overall evaluation of their stores.

We must find a reliable supplier that can guarantee the quality of the product. Also, pay attention to the suppliers that offer epacket as the shipping method, epacket makes it easier to do Dropshipping.

It is not difficult to find the products on AliExpress because you just need to type the product keywords that you need and millions of results will come out. So it usually takes several days, even weeks, to select products on AliExpress.

But don't worry, let's talk about the steps of quick selection on AliExpress.

Step 1: Login to AliExpress


Step 2: Check the category menu on the left side of the home page. The menu contains all the products on AliExpress. Take women's clothing as an example, We can see that there are more small categories, such as tops, bottoms, and accessories.


Our target products are entirely depending on our target market and the research we have done before. Therefore, in the case of this large selection range, our target niche must be very specific, as well as our target product type.

Step 3: Select specific sub-categories. Let’s choose shirts to illustrate

Now we see the result of the selected shirts.



Step 4: Sort according to the hot sells (order)


This way we can see which products are more popular.

Besides sorting according to the sales, we can also narrow the scope of our choice and set our target products more specific.


For instance, we can also choose the material of the clothes, such as cotton, silk, nylon, etc.; there are long sleeves, middle sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless and so on.

Just like we when we visit Taobao, it only takes a few minu

tes to understand what types of the target products are relatively hot.

Be sure to pay attention to the sales of a product, as well as the number of comments from users. This is important to judge if this is a hot product.

But you must also pay attention to this. If there are too many same products on AliExpress, remember to check Facebook to see if there’re also a lot posts and videos about these products.

If so, just forget about this product because this is a signal that the potential of this product has reached its limit. If you step in now, probably you will lose your money.

Keep this in mind!

2. eBay selection

Many dropshippers will choose to open stores on eBay, but now the competition on eBay is getting more and more intense. Therefore, we can't rely on the feelings to do product selection. We must take a research of the market before head.


Watchcount is a website that serves eBay. On watchcount, we can see the real-time views of products on eBay, which means we can find out the most popular products on eBay currently.

Search keywords on Watchcount include a lot of information about products, such as product categories, related categories, related products, related keywords, prices, sales, color, style information and so on.

Let's take the example of women top.

Step 1: Enter the watchcount homepage


Step 2: Enter keywords in the search field


Step 3: check the page view of related products



3. Facebook selection

If we are looking for products that are selling and selling well, then Facebook is the best platform. The selection on Facebook is actually very simple. We just need to enter the name of the product we are looking for in the search bar of the Facebook page.

The first step is to log in to the Facebook page 

In the second step, enter the women t-shirt in the search field and click on the post Tab, as shown below:


At this time, you can find a lot of relevant posts...

That is the third step, check the specific post.


After the searching, we can pay attention to the interaction of these products, including the number of likes, comments and forwards. Afterwards, we can go back to the store's homepage to see their credibility, the number of likes, and the creation time of the homepage.

I just showed one case here, in fact you can find thousands of dropshipping women shirt pages on facebook. Most importantly, these products are easy to be found on AliExpress, and with a relatively large profit margin.

Some people may ask: Why will we sell products that others are already selling and are selling well?

It’s very simple: just like we buy clothes ourselves, we will definitely buy the styles that are popular now, instead of choosing clothes that we think will be popular in the future.

4. Google Trends selection

In addition to eBay and Facebook, we can also use Google Trends to understand the overall data of an industry or a specific product, including historical data and real-time data. When a product is hot, the search results related to it will increase accordingly.

Step 1: Open Google Trends

Step 2: To enter the product name in the search field.

Step 3: View the results

Enter the name of the product you want to know and you can see a graph of the various aspects of it. Including its search volume, the region where the audience is located, the amount of related queries and the keywords related to it.

With these detailed data provided by Google Trends, we can find our target products more easily.

5.Find the best-selling Print on demand products

Print on demand means that the seller cooperates with the supplier, the seller chooses the product (T-shirt, hat, cup) and designs the pattern by himself, and the supplier provides customized service for the seller.

In other words, whether you are a painter, a writer, a designer, etc., you can make money through your creativity in this way.

Customization is also a good Dropshipping method. Even if it is customized, you don't need to purchase it yourself. After receiving the order, contact the supplier to customize it and then ship it. This method has low cost and large profit margin.

Here I’ll recommend several good vendor platforms for you: Custom cat, Print full and teespring.

These platforms are independent sites for suppliers of Print On Demand, and they will provide the dropshipper with raw products without any pattern on it.

Of course, we don't need to stock up. What we have to do is to send the pattern design to the supplier. After receiving the order, the supplier will be responsible for printing and shipping.

Here are links to these platforms:

Before deciding what to do, we can also take a look at these sites to see which niche custom products are more popular.

After deciding, please ask the designer to design the product for the specific niche. For example, if you like wolf, you can ask a designer, or you can design some wolf totem T-shirts and list them on your shopify store.

The product selection process is an art, you can only learn your lesson after a lot of experimentations.

The selection needs to be carefully considered. After researching, we must first test to see which products are sold well, and then increase the budget to enlarge the profits.

In short, taking actions is always the fundamental truth of everything, not thinking too much but dare not to take out the first step!