10 customer service strategies for cross-border sellers to cope with the soaring traffics in the peak season!

2019-07-18 09:39:00


Reprinted from cifnews

Translated by Tetiana Ohorodnyk

For a store, obtaining a customer is much more expensive than retaining one. The secret to retaining customers is excellent service. Today's cross-border competition is no longer a simple “price competition”, but more of a “service competition”. Sellers are more than ever inclined to find a convenient and trouble-free method to satisfy consumers.

In the upcoming peak season, there will not only be a lot of traffic and orders, but also a lot of customer service work! Pre-sales customer consultation, in-sale inquiry, and after-sales customer service will be intensive. The more you are in the peak season, the better you should do customer service work, leaving consumers with a thoughtful impression. The goods are selected correctly, the marketing is done well, and high-quality customer service is needed to adapt!

1. Responsible for the store/brand

The starting point of all the work of the customer service is responsible for the store and the brand. In the mind of the user, customer service is the image of the store/brand, so the customer attitude will directly affect the level of their confidence to the store/brand. Whether it is before or after the sale, when communicating directly with the user, the customer service team is responsible for the store/brand and does its best to meet the needs of the user.

2. Respect! Even the most troublesome customers have to be respected

Whether it is employees or customers, the most basic principle of doing things is respect. In the daily work of customer service, when someone calls or consults online, they indicate the troubles or problems they have encountered. They have even started various complaints. At this time, rudeness and disrespect will only make things worse.

Customers that stick website research said that "disrespect" is one of the most irritating consumers. Sometimes the customer service team is out of control when they are in trouble. However, customer service represents the brand image and store service, that most likely will be widely spread, so it is very important to keep patience and calmness. Always let customers feel respected.

3. Fast response and user-friendly settings

There is no doubt that the response time of the customer service is extremely important. When the customer has a problem, they want a quick response. Fortunately, implementing chat can help to solve the problem of handling multiple customers at once. It also ensures that the customer's problems are resolved in a timely manner. At the same time, we can solve as many customer problems as possible by setting various questions and multiple answers.

On the one hand, a quick response is very important, but on the other hand, it is also necessary to focus on human settings. Once you knew the user's name, whether it is an online chat or social platform reply, mail delivery, etc., you can use it to get closer.

4. Always remember to apologize

If the customer is very angry, simply saying "I'm sorry" will not be enough to solve the problem. It also implies an understanding of the problem, a sincere attitude and a willingness to solve it. What customers expect is a sincere and humane way of apology, not a way to understand basic problems. This may seem confusing. It is necessary to always remember to apologize, not only when you come up, or just for formality. Patiently listen to the customer, grasp the core of his problem, and express a sincere sorry. This is a prerequisite to giving the customer a valid answer.

5. Don't be anonymous

When communicating with users, it is better not to be anonymous. "I am a certain online customer service"... Telling the users your own name will make them feel intimate. The same is true for communication on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When the customer service team communicates with customers on social platforms or forums, it is best to add the customer service`s name. This not only makes it easier for customers to respond to records, but also makes communication between them more human.

6. Timely follow-up purchase, do user feedback

Customer service is not passive, it is not simply a problem, it is a problem, although the complaint handling will take up a lot of time from the customer service team.   How to reduce or avoid a lot of customer service problems? Order follow-up (or purchase follow-up) can be done from the source.

When the consumer completes the purchase, the customer service team can get in touch with the customer, follow up their experience and ask them if they have any questions about the product. This will not only keep in touch with consumers, but also leave a good impression, and even encourage consumers to fill out product reviews.

7. Don't ignore any chance of online response

A very important part of customer service is the monitoring of social platform user comments. Sometimes, dissatisfied customers will choose a social platform such as Twitter or Facebook to attack a brand instead of directly contacting customer service. At this time, if you still contact users through the shopping platform`s online customer service system, it may make them more annoyed.

It's a good idea to respond directly to the social platform and try to solve customer problems. If necessary, don't overlook the opportunity to respond to any platform, so the customer feels the most important.

8. Face the problem, do not shirk responsibility

Many times, when users have to contact the customer service team, their anger and dissatisfaction often reach their peak. Imagine, if the consumer receives the goods and finds that the goods are damaged, the last thing he wants to hear is shirking responsibility. "This is the fault of the courier company..."

In any case, consumers  are only consulting customer service agent for various problems. What we need to do is try to find a solution and solve the problem in all possible ways. Even if it is caused by a third-party reason, the customer service team can listen to the customer's opinions patiently and don't worry about the conclusion or even take the initiative to take responsibility.

9. When returning a refund, you should remain calm

Returning a refund is also a difficult problem to deal with for an e-commerce provider. Customer service does not have the authority to give the customer a promise. It can only do things in accordance with the rules and regulations. But keep in mind that you must avoid the words "please wait patiently".

When dealing with returns and refunds, calmly communicate with the consumer. Clearly explain the return process, whether the customer is required to return the product, and other details and the platform/store points used at the time of purchase. Can be returned for continued use and more. Listen to the user's opinions and handle all the details as much as possible.

On the one hand, the customer service team should be fully prepared. On the other hand, sellers should also clearly list the store/company return policy and avoid unnecessary problems or losses in all possible ways.

10. Accept criticism, embrace change

Do a brand's growth and progress stem only from marketing and product development? In fact, customers service also plays an indispensable role. Customers are the true users and judges of products and services and building strong relationships with them also contribute to the long-term business development of the company/brand.

A responsible customer service team can gather and discover a wealth of valuable information and pass it on to product developers to improve products or services, which is very helpful to the company's growth and development.