Facebook ad case: How to design effective ad creative to get conversions

2019-07-18 09:30:00


Reprinted from cifnews

Translated by Tetiana Ohorodnyk

Operating social media advertising seems to have become an indispensable part of corporate marketing. According to eMarketer research data, 66% of B2B companies that put their money into social media advertising, Facebook and LinkedIn ranked in the top two social medias, followed by Twitter and YouTube, and then by Google+, Pinterest and Slideshare.


As one of the world's largest social medias, Facebook ads have an excellent performance in increasing corporate visibility, user engagement, website drainage, and sales conversion.

As shown below, Vendasta used the Facebook ad to get 2,000 eligible leads.


Of course, not all Facebook ads can achieve such good performance. After all, there are many kinds of ads on Facebook, and the operation is very complicated. Post posting, brand awareness building, potential customer acquisition, and traffic-driven operations often confuse marketers.

So what are the experiences of marketers who have tested social media and how did they do it? "Facebook Advertising Marketing Promotion Raiders" may give you more different operational ideas and methods.

Social media examiner Nadya Khoja pointed out that Facebook ads that perform in terms of drainage, conversion, and capital retention have the following characteristics:

1. The image with a dark background (the click volume increases by 136% and the email address retention rate is as high as 87%);

2. Create a visual effect, and clear call to action button, such as "Download now";

3. Use location image;

4. Also, include an obvious call to action statements in the ad text.

Marketers should pay special attention to the sales path creation. The following picture is a screenshot from Wordstream, which shows the three cores that marketers need to pay attention to on the Facebook advertising dashboard: brand awareness building, drainage, and conversion.


3.Outstanding Facebook advertising cases.

Investing in Facebook advertising is a matter of burning money. To get high returns on your high investment, marketers should understand all basic knowledge and strategies. The following three facebook advertisements are very funny in traffic-driven and conversion, which is worth learning:

Example #1: Digital Marketer

Ryan Deiss and his team at Digital Marketer hosted an annual conference called "Traffic and Conversion." In the initial marketing campaign of the conference, they focused on the acquisition of potential customer information. Here is Digital Marketer's best-performing advertisement on Facebook, which received 93,285 customer leads.

Then what’s the key point of this advertisement? The advertisement images clearly convey that information, copywriting and design color matching are very attractive. Most notable is that the call to action statement is very smart. Compared to the straightforward "click here" (click here), using words like "scroll" and "get inspiration" can touch people in this occasion.


Example #2: AppSumo

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo and SumoMe. Noah Kagan has spent more than $2 million on Facebook advertising. The picture below is one of the best performing Facebook ads for AppSumo. Noah Kagan invested in the advertisement not for sale, but for obtaining the customer's email address, which was designed to serve the later sales by creating a list of email addresses. Noah Kagan`s advertising is a very good example of attracting people to leave email addresses by the satisfaction of curiosity about how a person creates a business within an hour.


Example #3: AdEspresso

Running Facebook ads, testing is a top priority. AdEspresso uses a free e-book to test two different email addresses for marketing campaigns. Activity A directs traffic to Facebook's landing page, and Activity B directs traffic to Facebook's "Lead Ad"  No need to leave the Facebook page.

AdEspresso sets a daily budget of $60, and the total spending limit for each event is $1,000. Here's a screenshot of its Facebook ad:


Here is a screenshot of the pop-up window inside Facebook:


In Campaign A, AdEspresso received 1077 customer information with a conversion rate of 50%; Activity B's performance was: 1569 ad clicks and 1057 customer information, with a conversion rate of 67%.

According to AdEspresso data, the cost of directing traffic to the landing page is lower. The test also found that the advertising cost of Facebook Lead Ad rose sharply after 7 days.

AdEspresso pointed out that for some advertising campaigns that get new traffic, directing users to the landing page can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the ads, compared to the fact that Lead Ads which only requires users to leave their names and emails.

Sum up

Although Facebook advertising is a good way for sellers to get traffics, build email lists and get sales, sellers can't rush into it. Blind investment can only be exchanged for “bamboo baskets to get water”. It is very necessary to maintain a cautious attitude. Sellers must patiently test the effectiveness of your ads to ensure that your ads are at their best when they are needed, giving you the highest cost-effectiveness.