Never thought the blackhat beauty products could be played like this!

2019-07-18 08:56:00


What do you think when you hear about blackhat products?

Weight-loss, whitening, anti-wrinkle, muscle-building, hair growth and health care products etc.

Although, it is becoming more and more challenging to compete in the blackhat industry, it doesn’t deter media buyers’ passion of it. We have talked about weight loss products in the previous article which you must have got some inspirations from it. So what about beauty products then, do we have any different strategy for promotion? Let’s check it out with the help of Idvert.

Unlike general skin care products, the blackhat beauty products are aimed at a certain function, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-freckle, etc. These products generally highlight their effectiveness by showing a comparison with substitute products. They target customers with specific needs and persuade them to buy their products.

Taking anti-freckle products as an example

Sun exposure and the growing age will increase the melanin of the skin causing freckles. Therefore, freckle is the number one problem for middle-aged women. Of course, whiter the tone of skin, the more prone it is. It is a psychological that many people will buy cheaper products which claim same magical benefits compared to expensive ones. The expensive products remain out of reach for common people. So, many traders can take advantage by offering cheaper copy-products by using same creatives for advertisements as expensive products to tempt people.

For example, the two freckle advertisements we saw on Idvert clearly claim to be effective anti-freckle products from the onset. Unlike the simple and brazen copy-paste, the cover images have been handled in a more subtle way. That is to say, the difference between the before and after use are displayed on the same face, but with edits and from different angles.

However, the copy did not directly clarify the effect of freckle products and freckle, which may reduce the risk of being blocked by Facebook.

The video material is basically a combination of several common beauty product promotional materials.


Showing markings and melanin

From the very beginning, they use the empathy of the audience to bring users with similar problems into the role, so that they have the desire to continue watching.



Apples will quickly oxidize and discolor in the air, and people are the same. When we say that anti-aging is actually anti-oxidation, even the oxidation of apples can be eliminated. So, why can’t the melanin on the face be eliminated? Consumers are easily tempted by this kind of logic. The specific freckle principle is certainly not as simple as an experiment, so, here I won't discuss that further.


This product is similar to the essence, looks very well absorbed, meets the basic requirements of skin care products.



Real life trial

Of course, you may say a lot of things that people might not believe, especially when you make tall claims about your products. So, use feedback from real people, to assure the audience.


Technology video to explain the theory

Any functional product that with the endorsement of scientific principles seems to be reasonable. So use this apparently scientific melanin-clearing video to increase the audience's trust.



Before and after comparison

As we mentioned above, the best way to express the efficacy of a product is to use contrast. After using the product, the freckles are all disappeared, and the spots on the face are almost disappeared as well. Quite tempting right?


Interestingly, we also found another advertiser using the same material on Idvert, with higher interactive data.

Maybe this are two advertising accounts from a same advertiser. Maybe it is a copied material from another advertiser. Maybe it is found on our Idvert platform and then used directly. After all, there is no brand in the whole video material. This can also mean that the creators of the video material stitched slices from different advertisements. If you can't get the material creation method here, then you really have to reflect on it.

As for the market, the freckles are generally obvious in white people. In the past, the Caucasian countries were favorite targets, of course, the middle-aged women of the yellow races are also a large group.

It’s also important to remind that it is necessary to take a careful look for other people's materials if you want to use it. For example, the following looks like a contrasting picture of a face. If you look closely, it is actually a mosaic of two pictures. If it is serious, it may leave the audience with an impression of false propaganda, don’t spoil the ship for a halfpennyworth of tar.


There are a lot of blackhat creatives on Idvert waiting for you to be explored. If you have other information you want to know about, please leave a message, maybe the next time we’ll write your concerns!