How to play Facebook ads? PPE advertising vs WC advertising

2019-07-18 08:44:00


Editor's Note: The author Gu Xiaobei is an authoritative B2C marketing expert in mainland China. He has rich experience in cross-border e-commerce and is willing to summarize his experience in blogs to share with friends in the industry. Idvert is very honored to receive the reprint authorization of his articles and will share them with everyone, hope you can be inspired from it.

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When we use Facebook we often hear about using PPE ads and WC ads, and always thinking which one is better?

Ok, so what is PPE and what is WC?

PPE: Page post engagement is a post-interactive ad. The interactive content includes likes, comments, and sharing.

WC: Website conversion, which is a conversion-targeted ad that is aimed at conversion, including: viewing content, adding to a shopping cart, and purchasing.

These are two different advertising goals!

As for while using Facebook advertising, whether to use PPE advertising or WC advertising, I think jury is still out on this one.

In my opinion, WC works better, but PPE might be more effective for you, so it isn’t exactly a scientific opinion.

The key to figure out is to test and test again...

Only through testing, you can figure out which kind of advertisement suits you better. However, it is important that you don’t choose by preference or intuition, but rely on data!

1.  WC advertising

WC ads targeted for conversion (to install Facebook pixels) include the following:

◎ Watch content: The audience sees the content of the product page;

◎Add to shopping cart: The audience sees the content of the product page and adds the product to the shopping cart;

◎ Purchase: The audience decides to actually buy your product.

In general, I would recommend using WC advertising because:

First: the purpose of advertising is always generating sales

Using WC advertising means that conversion is the goal of my advertising, and Facebook will try to find the audience most likely to click on the ad to view the product page, join the shopping cart or purchase;

Second: the data obtained is more accurate

WC ads are required to install Facebook tracking pixels, which track the behavior of the audience and provide more accurate data for subsequent ad serving.

After the ad group generates some sales, Facebook will know what’s the type of buyer. When you increase your budget, Facebook will spend more money on such audiences, and the conversion will be better.

Third: the cost is relatively high

This is a disadvantage, but it cannot be counted as a disadvantage.

Don't stop advertising because the cost is high in the first day or two. FB has a machine learning stage. As long as you complete about 50 optimization events in the time window and end the machine learning phase, Facebook can start automatic optimization.

This will make the performance of the ad group more stable and the cost will be greatly reduced.

Facebook can help us optimize these events, collect more accurate data, and help us create similar audiences and custom audiences.

Of course, the premise is that we must have good products, make landing pages with creative ideas and proper positioning.


2. PPE advertising

The goal of PPE advertising is to interact with the audience, focusing on the behavior within the Facebook platform, such as how many likes, how many comments, and how many shares. The purpose of PPE advertising is to find the most interactive products.

PPE ads have the following characteristics:

First: collect social proof

Use PPE ads to collect social proofs, get likes, share and leave messages, increase user trust in products; PPE ads can also be used to test products and find high-interaction ads.

Second: the price is cheaper

The quality of the audience covered is certainly not as targeted as WC ads, and Facebook will look for those who are most likely to like, share or leave a message. Of course, it is not argued that some audiences just need this product and are willing to buy it.

Third: the interaction rate is high and the sales volume is good

This is a disadvantage, and high-interaction ads don't necessarily lead to good sales. It may bring some sales, but you have to understand that sales are not the target of PPE advertising, and Facebook will not control whether you have generated sales or not.

Because interactivity is the goal of PPE advertising, Facebook will only choose whether to optimize the ad based on the interaction event, so sales have little effect on PPE advertising. You can understand that: the direction is wrong, and efforts are in vain!

In my personal experience, if the product is very good, you can directly do WC advertising to watch the content, join the shopping cart or purchase conversion.

If the conversion is good, the audience likes your product, so the accumulated interactive data such as praise, message, sharing, etc. will generally be good. In this case, it seems that there is no need to do PPE advertising.

Anyway, this is my personal experience.

However, I strongly recommend that you do more testing, only through objective data, it can be conclusively determined which kind of advertising works best.


PS: Regardless of whether you are using PPE advertising or WC advertising, don't easily adjust the machine learning that interrupts Facebook. Otherwise, Facebook will restart the machine learning phase, and you need to regain about 50 optimization events to make the advertising performance more stable.