Detailed explanation of 15 independent station operation techniques, improving order conversion rate in one step

2019-07-18 08:37:00


Reprinted from cifnews

Translated by Sultan Mehmood

The development of cross-border e-commerce has evolved over the past decade, and independent stations are being continuously improved and upgraded. Compared to a single mode in which the independent station sellers get traffic at the beginning, there are more and more ways for the pioneers to explore, and how to improve the conversion rate has become a priority when acquiring more traffic.

Three mathematical relationships to analyze the key factors of independent stations are really effective in this regard.

By clever use of mathematical relationships, you can analyze the various factors affecting sales in the field of independent stations: sales = new customer transactions + repurchase transactions, in short, new repurchase, all sources of sales It is based on these two; at the same time sales = number of visitors * full store conversion rate * customer unit price, starting from any of these dimensions can greatly increase sales. So what are the factors that affect conversion rates? Conversion rate = number of transactions / number of visits. To increase conversion rate, you must focus on both, increasing traffic and facilitating transactions.

From the aspect of traffic, the following issues need to be considered:

The first is the traffic ceiling. Everything needs to be mastered. The seller must have a clear understanding of the flow ceiling and avoid doing nothing.

The second is the traffic price. According to the product characteristics, calculate the flow price and calculate the customer cost control ROI for each channel.

The third is the promotional channel. Find the appropriate promotion channels for the products. For example, apparel is not suitable for promotion in Google. The profits from using Facebook or KOL will be greatly increased. On the contrary, the conversion rate on Facebook is not high. But through Google, there will be unexpected gains.

The fourth is traffic risk. Sellers have to control the continuity and stability of traffic, and use this to adjust the investment in SEO.

The fifth is the cycle. Different promotion methods have different cycles. SEO may last up to three months or one year, while online KOL marketing can be as short as a few days and a half months. The time on Facebook can be as little as one night, to understand the characteristics of these traffic cycles and improve Promote efficiency.


15Technical details with detailed explanations

After understanding the basic attributes of sales and the way to increase the conversion rate from the traffic dimension, you need to lay the foundation from the technical side, do a good job of maintaining the webpage and improve the buyer's repurchase rate. These 15 technical dimensions cover all aspects of independent stations, from the most obvious domain name to mail tracking, helping sellers improve overall conversion rates.

1. Domain name

The domain name needs to be as short as possible, preferably ".COM". If the domain name is too long, the buyer can't remember it all at once, weakening the influence of the store from the beginning, and basically losing the possibility of the customer coming in directly through the domain name. Under limited conditions, 6 characters are better. The entrance must be valued for brand planning for long-term operations.

2.Page speed

It is best to be able to open within 200 milliseconds, use bandwidth to increase download speed, and must do log detection to ensure the website is correct.

3.The adaptability of the mobile end

More and more traffic is starting to be based on the mobile end, so the website must be adapted to the smart phone and make breakthroughs in the functional integrity of the mobile terminal operating experience, such that the interface is simple and focused.


Avoid browsers showing that websites are not secure. If the website is not secure, it will directly affect the conversion rate.

5.Page structure

The page navigation needs to have a clear structure, reasonable classification, not more than 3 levels, and no FLASH.

6. Search

When there are tens of thousands of SKUs, the search for buyers is a big problem, so you need to optimize in search recommendation, popular search, search interception and so on.

7.Shopping experience

If you can provide a cloud shopping service for your shopping cart, buyers can display the previously added shopping cart products by logging in. It is best to log in to the platform to shorten the entire registration process, so that the order process is clear and simple.

8.Display dimensions

Display content needs to be rich, providing multi-angle maps, videos, text descriptions, selling point descriptions, and comment displays.

9.Pixel integration

Use facebook, google pixel integration to facilitate marketing optimization.


For different regions, give multi-currency, multiple payments, and multi-language localized operations.

11.New users give up

A user who has registered a shopping cart also has a product, but has placed a late order. Most sellers may give up on this, in fact, users can recover. He can send an e-mail without placing an order in 30 minutes, and chase the order according to the total value of the shopping cart.

12.Mail notification

In the multiple steps of the transaction, all of them should be tracked by email, which can improve the awareness of the website in the eyes of the buyer.

13.Activity module

With a variety of operational skills, pick up different time periods to do a variety of activities, or use the discount network to distribute coupons.

14.Social media

The website preferably supports the introduction of support sites and Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other content.

15.Data analysis

Perform data analysis of traffic, sales, revenue, etc., from the data to understand the user's daily visits and the daily sales ranking of the goods, to do some corresponding promotional activities.