What? Idvert actually hides the secrets of so many CODs?

2019-07-18 08:18:00


Friends who have tried Idvert should know that one-click screening of COD material is a major feature of our tool. Many people only pay attention to COD material style, but in fact, in addition to pure material reference, we can also find many informative business opportunities in it.

For example, the following advertisement is obviously for a Chinese medicine for freckles, based in Taiwan. The advertisement is concise and to the point, with certain attractive features.


You may feel that you have almost finished watching the pictures and copying data. In fact, as long as you spend more time, you will find that their LP is hidden.

We log in from different regions and click on LP to see different landing pages. For example, in the Hong Kong route, we still see the old Chinese medicine freckle cream, while the British and American audience sees the women's bags.



Isn’t it a bit amazing? Obviously, this seller only displays the page of the product for the target audience. The non-target area is replaced with other product ads. Whether the seller is using cloak or other high-tech means, you need to figure out how to do it yourself.

In addition, we also found a little secret.

It stands to reason that Facebook doesn’t allow fake products, and we can still see on Idvert, that many advertisers are still unscrupulously carrying it out. What is the mystery?

Obviously, the above are all pictures of big-name products, but the price is far lower than the price of the original, so these are obviously copies.

Looking at their copy, there is no brand name, but a more general introduction to the goods, starts with the similar paragraphs and phrases such as "popular this year", etc. Perhaps, it is one of the ways for people who want to advertise fake or copy goods?

At the same time, you can also attach some limited time specials to attract purchases.


Although, the advertisement doesn’t claim the brand’s name blatantly, but on the landing page, retailers openly claim to be the real brand. Of course, some sellers’ landing pages still don’t to associate with the name of real the brand at all.



Tracking the advertiser's homepage, we find that the advertiser has a misleading title of “Medical Instruments” and show people in lab coats in the display picture, however, the page is actually selling the shoes. Perhaps it is the strategy to avoid the risk of being outed too quickly, as original brands as well as Facebook keep an eye out to find imposters and fake brands.



Sometimes, such advertisers also put some popular online videos stage initially after the homepage creation, and don’t start selling products directly. It will obviously get more follower without raising any eyebrows.



The road to COD selling is not easy. If you want to study the sales routines, become a member of Idvert to study more, and become effective.