4 ways to increase the conversion rate of Facebook ads

2019-07-18 08:01:00


How to design an image to create a Facebook ad for desired effects? Here are a few tips to help sellers create ad images and increase product conversions or clickthrough rates:

Tip 1 - Set the appropriate image size

In general, the best upload size for a single image for most Facebook ads is 1200x628 pixels, or a size ratio of 1:1.91. If the size ratio of one of your images is incorrect, some of the image content will be cut off.

The size of the Event and Like ads is 1200 x 444 pixels.


Once you've selected the image, make sure you're using other text areas in your ad.


For Carousel Ads and Instagram ads, use a square 1080 x 1080 pixel image.

Carousel ads and Collection Ads are more advanced and can use images of different sizes. You can also choose a long image, and the square image for some carousel and boutique ads.



Image Processing Tools Canva is great for creating images for Facebook ads, but there are other great processing tools like PicMonkey and RelayThat.



Tip 2 - Don't have too much text

Even though the rule that "advertising image text does not account for more than 20% of the entire map" has been suspended, Facebook will still stop ads with too much text.

If there is too much ad text and the seller will receive a warning that the ad can’t be served. But in general, let’s first look at how ads are served.

If you can, it's best to start with a picture with less text.

Use the Facebook Text Overlay tool to see the performance of your ad's image before the ad is served.



The text in pictures, products, and logos should not be "counted" into the text standard. However, if your advertisement has not been approved regardless of how it is adjusted, it can be appealed.

If your ad has text, make sure the font is clear; if the ad is served on both the computer and the mobile, make sure the font is visible to readers on both ends.



Or you can use pictures that don't have text and attract customers' attention.


Tip 3 - Use eye-catching pictures

Regardless of whether the ad has text or not, the basic image you choose is the key.

In general, pictures with people are better than pictures with real objects, but this is not always true.

At the same time, you should also avoid some clichés.

Compared with the push of friends and family, it is really difficult for your ads to attract the attention of users.

Think about what can get the user's attention and click to view your ad. Is something interesting or something unusual?

The goal of Facebook advertising is to give users the desire to see the ads.

Here are some excellent photo material sites:



Depositphotos (not free)

Tip 4 - Test different pictures

Splitting your Facebook ads is the key to actually finding out which image is most effective.

Which images are valid ad images, sellers often guess wrong. This is why at least two different images must be tested when placing an ad.


In the example above, the image conversion cost of the above image is 5 times lower than the conversion cost of the image below, and their copy is the same.

Excellent advertising images are the key to the success of Facebook advertising. It will be helpful to test the pictures that are useful to you.