7 ways to easily get positive customer reviews for your brand or business promotion

2019-07-18 07:53:00


Reprinted from iCDO

Translated by Sultan Mehmood

There are many factors for customers to consider before buying from your company.

Now, online shopping is fast and easy, and you don't need to talk to any sales reps. The internet alone can sell products for you - and that has a big impact on customers who are willing to buy from you.

In fact, the company's best marketing and sales representatives are no longer the employees – but the customers.

According to BrightLocal, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – as the most trusted and reliable source of "advertising." And HubSpot research found that 60 percent of consumers think customer reviews are either trustworthy or very trustworthy. It means brands that accumulate positive reviews are more likely to help customers make purchase decisions.

The same survey from BrightLocal found that positive customer reviews led to 73 percent more of customers to trust a company, and 57 percent to visit the company's website after reading positive reviews. It also implies that in order for companies to grow in today's competitive online priority market, they need happy customers who will share positive reviews of their experiences to push new customers to their sites.

So how do you get your clients to write positive reviews which will help close more deals? How do you ensure customer satisfaction to get the much needed positive feedback? Read this post to learn how to simply get a positive customer reviews.

1.Create a separate space to leave a comment

Before potential customers even come to your site to learn about your business, make sure they get to know you, no matter where they have consulted online purchases. There are several common third-party websites for people to ask for more information about a business or product:


BrightLocal found that Yelp and Facebook are the most trusted sources of reviews for consumers in the United States. So, make sure your company is registered on these platforms and update regularly. You can use Yelp for Business Owners to learn how to declare your Business scope (or add it, if your business is new). Make sure you regularly monitor the communication from this profile - responsive business owners focus on average response time and response rates to encourage readers to convert new customers. 



You can also present yourself through the Facebook official page, so that potential customers can find you to learn more, without leaving their preferred social network. This is another site that can improve response times, so be sure to assign someone to monitor the information you receive and respond timely to convert all the potential customers. 



Next, use Google My Business to advertise your Business on the world's largest search engine. If a customer searches for information on Google or routes on Google maps, a potential customer may find you. It is especially important for brick-and-mortar businesses trying to attract traffic. People will also use Google to post comments, which will be displayed in the search results, as shown in the figure below, of your Google "HubSpot." 



If you are an amazon seller, be sure to declare and customize your amazon page. Amazon provides many different results for different searches, so make sure your amazon page tells your business story in the same way as the official website. If customers find your brand during amazon's search, make sure your page highlights product details, recommendations, and reviews.


(5)Industrial and commercial bureau

For companies in the United States, Mexico and Canada, you can register with the industrial and commercial bureau - another trusted source of customer reviews. If your business is popular with them, you should also add claims to industry specific review sites - such as TripAdvisor and Oyster in the travel and hospitality industries, G2Crowd and Capterra in the software industry, and OpenTable and HappyCow in the restaurant industry. Make sure that your contact information, website, hours of business and major products are available on these popular sites.  

2.Optimize your content

Your customer reviews may come from unsatisfied or satisfied customers on third-party websites. But, once people are on your site, encourage them to leave a comment here. Optimize your site to write reviews quickly and easily in the following ways:

  • Set up the website links to provide a convenient guide visitors to your Yelp, Facebook, and Amazon pages to read and leave reviews

  • Also, optimize the pages for people who use mobile devices to visit social networking and other sites.

  • If you want to ask for customer comments via email, keep it short and sweet.


3.Develop incentives

Your time is precious, as is your client's time, so give your client a reason to leave a comment. Offer incentives for your customers to write a review - such as discount or coupon codes, contests for bigger prizes, or gift cards for coffee, online shopping or cash rewards.  

4.Guide users to write comments when appropriate

Encourage customers to comment so that others can also have the similar great experience they had. Think about it: if you ask for a review at the wrong time, it can also lead to a bad review, which most other customers would see when they come to buy, but change their minds. Ask for customer comments after a positive moment, for example:

  • After they experience or justify your product or service

  • When they repurchase or reorder

  • After they tag your brand in social media posts

  • If they spend time on your site looking at other products or services

  • If they recommend another client to you

These are just a few signs that your customers are pleased, and only by doing so will they give a positive evaluation of your business.


5.Properly meet customer needs

Don't email your customers asking for positive reviews at Yelp. Instead, make sure your request matches the way you want clients to write reviews. For example, if you're sending an email to a customer for review, provide a link to exact location where they can leave the feedback. If you want to make a comment on a Facebook page, send the request through Facebook Messenger. If you need to request customer reviews across platforms, integrate the request as much as possible. For example, by linking to the Yelp page in your email signature, or by sending a follow-up email from your amazon store to them for repurchase.  

6.Prioritize open questions

Don't start by asking for comments. Instead, start a conversation -- and start the process with an open question. By asking the customer questions such as: Do you like this product?" Are you ready to renew or buy again? How was your recent interaction with the customer support center? You can initiate conversations and measure their satisfaction before actually asking for a review. This has paid off in two ways:

  • You can look for useful customer feedback.

  • You can avoid the embarrassing mistake of asking for a comment again after you get it.

Use open questions to actually collect customer feedback - and quietly ensure customer satisfaction before providing reasons for submitting comments. There's nothing you can do about negative reviews of access to various sites, but if customers need a solution, please pay attention to the problem before asking them to rate your business.  

7.Respond to negative comments

No one is perfect, and mistakes can sometimes lead to bad or one-star reviews on your website, Facebook, or Yelp. However, when you get a one-star rating, make sure you take the time to respond thoughtfully and not give up. In the long run, if you do your best work on customer service, it's smart and actually helps your business. Harvard Business Review found that companies that responded to negative reviews online actually got better ratings. Clients are human being with basic emotion, so a compassionate customer service is more likely to resonate with them. It will lead to an increase in overall actual evaluations, especially positive ones.