Do Black Hat products still have market?

2019-07-18 07:14:00


Black Hat products such as for weight loss, breast enhancement, and nutra products are the longest-lasting high-profit category in e-commerce. However, as Facebook policy becomes stricter, the threshold for Black Hat advertising is also getting higher. How to avoid account banning and where to find more Facebook accounts to buy are the most frequently asked questions. So, what new gameplay can Black Hat have?


From the screening results, we found that some sellers are continuously advertising large amounts of ads through personal accounts. Advertising contents are basically the same, and there are few direct product keywords, mostly neutral descriptions, posted from multiple accounts. The material are commonly in video format, but you can never easy to judge what’s the selling product from the video without playing it.


Note that the advertisers for the two ads below are different.


By playing the video, we can see from the first frame of the video that this is an advertisement for selling weight loss products. The seller did not use the visually visible picture of the weight loss to make the cover and shows a video instead with little relevance to the product. Is it to avoid the risk? Or to attract attention?



Let's look at a few more videos. It's not hard to find that the lengths of these videos are in a few seconds, and they are all made up by displaying products, contrasting before and after effects, animated scientific materials and promotional rendering materials. This is one of the typical weight loss video material production routines.


Back in the copywriting of these advertisements, scrupulous audience should find that a seemingly less relevant word "Sharks" appears frequently. After searching, it was discovered that such products have also been implanted in an image seemingly from an American reality TV show called Shark Tank. The show invites entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and products to acquire funding. To gain credibility the video uses fake visual from the reality show. All the ads of this advertiser are increasing the persuasiveness of this program.


 What business opportunities can we find through this Black Hat case?

  1. Mass advertising with personal accoutns is already a successful strategy.

  2. The video material performs better, however, the copywriting and video material must not be too purposeful. Neutral descriptions are suggested to avoid account banning, and a set of mature performance logic is also needed;

  1. The landing page made by Shopify has a higher rate to pass the ads verification of Facebook;

  2. From the advertising trends, currently weight loss and whitening products are more popular than the other Black Hat products.