【Ben’s Talk Show】Secrets of Running Ads on Google Adwords

2019-07-25 02:41:00


Due to the character of the industry, affiliates are always as a small group to develope their business, well, in this way, they are lack of a systematic learning, nor the communication among these groups are less. We have made a lot efforts, and always on our way to break the routine, So far, we have produced 【 Idvert Academy 】and organized several live broadcasts to help the newbies to get into this industry, We’re so excited that the brand new  program 【Ben’s Talk Show” 】 is upcoming. We’re glad to annouce that Benjiamin Yong now is our resident host, and we will invite the elites of the industry from all over the world as our guest to have a in-depth discussion about the the changes, the practical skills of the market, We sincerely hope to help you guys to find the right directionin this industry.

Well, it’s useless to talk more, welcome to the the first programme of Ben’s Talk Show!




Guess who will be the first guest? No hurry, let’s take a look at his background first!

MediaBuy:  7 years of professional experience;

In 2017, the input-output ratio of knockoff products was 1:22, lasting more than 60 days;

In 2018, the largest secondary distributor of Facebook Agent Account in China;

Skin&ED Offer cost more than $100,000 per day on Facebook ;

Well, seems like he has a strong ability and he is a redoubtable character.

So who is he?

The executive director of Future iDeal —— MuFeng.

Don't know about him? Nah..doesn't matter, through this conversation between he and me, you gonna to know about him, but also learn a lot of useful skills!


The topic of this today is: How to run Blackhat products efficiently on Google?

Wait, on Google? Yes, I know, it may sounds weird. Anyway, most affiliates prefer advertising on traffic platforms like Native, Adult, Facebook... We barely heard people advertising on Google. Will Google lead us to new opportunities?


Through the conversation, I learned that the reason why he choose Google to run Blackhat product. From the current situation of DSP and Facebook, we can know that Facebook accounts are hard to get and easily be banned. Besides, the account price is relatively very high. However, Google account does not require any fees. What’s more, Google also has business ads account, which has a huge global traffic just like Facebook.


Since we decide to adverting our campaign on Google, then the keyword plays a important role. Let’s take weight loss product for example, we can try to use a series of phrases to improve your competition, such as lose weight/weight loss/slim, etc. But you’d better select within a limit, no more than 10. We can also add some phrases which can completely match with your competing goods ads, then bid according to the CTR, here we suggest to choose  the keywords that the level of competition at low and medium grade, CTR is greater than or equal to 30% would perform better.




Of course, Google ads can also be spied, as we all know, Google is an open advertising platform, you don’t need to cost to much energy to find your competitor’s information, search your competitors' keywords or slogan directly, and find their LP, then use its URL as the target page of your advertising. The spy process is done.



It should be noted that, there is another circumstance , if it is a cloak page, then you will not be able to see the real MP directly. MuFeng has shared his secret on how to get the real landing page of the target regions, which surprised me a lot. To be honest, he’s terrific.



So how to get your ads approved on Google?

In addition to warming up accounts, check out your peer’s URL, Mufeng said that we can also use clack technology to track the data. And you need learn to take the full advantage of URL tracking template of Google Adwords. Cloak should be created before creating an Ad. Never set up the cloak with Javascript code neither filter out traffic sources without G-Click-ID.


As for the data tracking of Google Adwords, you'll have to tag your Landing Page with Google code, just like Facebook Pixel, which can help you reach a more accurate audience,  if the conversion isn't perfect, you can cut your budget appropriately.


Google account is also get chance to be banned, MuFeng mentioned few solutions to prevent when this case happening to you, you have no idea what to do.


Except Keywords, MuFeng told me he have also tried Google Display ads, after plenty of experiments, he found that the Casino, Skin and Diet offers perform better than other categories, for now. He also noted that Google Display are capable of taking the initiative to optimize at audience level, which depends on who are the specific audience. However, Google does not collect detailed data on audience stratification. So perhaps the best way is to take full use of Google's machine learning to set up ads with conversion purposes.



About the inspection of advertising Settings, MuFeng wants to remind us that Blackhat advertising is generally done with cloak, so we have make sure our ads are only display to the users with designated geographical locations, otherwise it may bring you inaccurate audiences and decrease the ads efficiency.


Last, MuFeng and I had a further discussion about some detailed questions like the audit period and the rules of Google Adwords, here is not going to present to everybody!


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