Jumbleberry x Idvert-Affiliate Meetup in Shenzhen Successfully Come to an End

2019-04-12 00:00:00


On March 29th, Idvert, as a special partner of Canada's veteran network Jumbleberry, was invited to attend the affiliate meet-up of its first station in China, Shenzhen Station. As a guest speaker, Idvert took the stage to carry out the self-developed marketing spy tool and received a high degree of attention.

The event consisted of three agendas, namely:

The lecture contents covered the needs of industry practitioners.

In the Nutra lecture, Fred mentioned that due to the rapid changes in the industry, practitioners must first know the latest trends and make judgments. They need to find a good team and sales partners. Also, the business can be diversified. Learning from competitors in the same industry and from each other's strengths is indispensable for the promotion of good marketing tools. Thus you can find a way to adapt to their own gameplay. This coincides with the original development of the Idvert spy tool, which helps online marketing practitioners to gain business insights, understand industry and business trends, and obtain first-hand information from competitors to make more accurate marketing decisions and maximize revenue.


Fred also mentioned that in the current hot Nutra category, Trial appears to perform better than Sale. In fact, the sale of Sale has more potential, and the amount is larger, which will bring more net profit. Taking keto as an example, its considerable EPC data has brought good benefits to many practicing marketers.

This has long been a clue on the Idvert marketing platform. A wide variety of creatives and offers with the word "keto" can be found on the platform, showing its popularity and advertisers’ infinite creativity.

Jumbleberry senior AM manager AJ illustrates the e-commerce white hats offers are having an unstoppable trend. Such offers are more focused on original content, which need to increase transparency and trust from the customer. Also, the product selection is very important. The risk of white hats is much smaller than that of Black Hat, and advertisers can offer unlimited caps, such as TV antennas, insoles, wireless chargers, etc., which are quite hot to make quick money.


In the speech of the Idvert spy tool, Leon introduced: Idvert has developed features for the three major marketing pain points:

For drop shipping e-commerce, COD e-commerce and black hat advertising, Idvert has different solutions for each of them, such as one-click screening COD and BH (black five) advertising, audience analysis, URL, real money page (landing page) creative package download, offer information and so on. At the same time, it introduces the new version that will be launched in April - adding the offer analysis on the basis of the original functions, including the networks, publisher, etc., and will add DSP native ads based on the original Facebook advertisement, and get through the joints between the creatives and the offers to achieve a full-platform marketing closed loop.

The attendees showed great interest in Idvert and consulted after the event.