Idvert's First User Meet-up – Shenzhen COD User Meet-up was successfully held

2019-06-27 16:59:00


Helping users discover business opportunities and maximize revenue has always been the initial focus of the Idvert spy tool. In addition to providing effective tools, we also provide users with a platform for industry communication, hoping that users can get more benefits than the tool itself.

On March 30th, Idvert held the first COD user meet-up exchange in Shenzhen. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the event, we only arranged 20 places. Our priority was to accept the registration of subscribed users. Friends who could not be present still have the next opportunity to seize!

The event gathered COD practitioners from Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen. It shows that everyone was waiting and interested in this event. Facts have proved that this event is full of rewards for everyone.

The event was mainly based on user interaction and covered key topics common in CODs such as selection, marketing, advertising, logistics, financial flow, customer service, etc. In each theme, everyone actively raises their current problems. Also, it was a chance to generously share their valuable experiences in the field.

Some of the users mentioned that they can use Google, ADP, Idvert, Native traffic sources and other tools to select products. They suggested not to rely on only one tool, and try more tools that are suitable for you

As for the market, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malay , Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka—all of these areas have been explored.

Regarding the creative, whether you are making it yourself or searching on the Internet, you should choose the production according to the user's habits and give priority to the video.

Most of the logistics are carried out in a local-based mode. At the same time, the specific timeliness of each country is mentioned. It is recommended not to cooperate with unprofessional logistics providers. It is easy to lose and backlog goods without systematic tracking.

PS: All meet-up information on the event site has been sorted and sent to the users who participated in this event. This article will not show comprehensive details.

The atmosphere of the whole event was very active. The users were actively involved in the interaction and discussion of the problem. From time to time, the focus was recorded with the pen. I believe everyone in the room will benefit a lot, which makes the event held by Idvert meaningful to the users. They not only got more industry information but also learned a lot of unheard of operations. More importantly, They met more friends in the industry. After the event, enthusiastic users are still immersed in the discussion.

In the future, Idvert will hold more meet-ups on different topics such as COD, drop shipping e-commerce, and Black Hat. Please continue to pay attention to us and register in time. Maybe we will meet next time!