Through Idvert platform, we create business opportunities for everyone. Any kind of business such as the e-commerce, the app category, the game class, and etc. Many people who have read our messages may still find themselves confused. So, we are bringing a special tutorial on how to effectively use Idvert and understand it. It can help users exploit and expand business opportunities to maximize profits.

What is Idvert

With the help of our years long extensive experience in the advertising industry and based on the purpose of "Finding your business opportunities". We have developed “Idvert”which aims to provide one window solutions for all the companies looking to advertise online effectively and intelligently. We also provide custom-made services to institutions as well as individuals who want to reach potential consumers all over the world.

Idvert exchanges data with a number of foreign media traffic platforms. It enables the platform to discover business opportunities globally, through big data management systems and analyses.

What can Idvert do?

Finding ads

Finding ads can be used to search for the corresponding platform's ads through keywords and domain names. Using keywords, advertisements can be searched by relevance of advertisement. By employing domain names, all advertisements placed under that domain name can be viewed.

Social ads

You can use the search bar at the top to enter keywords and to make a more specific search, filters options are also available.

(1) The screened items include advertising time intervals, FB advertisement types, advertisement formats, search locations, website establishment procedures, marketing goals, languages, countries, and industries. Moreover, it can be sorted by the time and popularity of the last viewed ad.

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(2) In social advertising list, you can see the single ad type, advertiser information, ad image or video content, ad title, ad description, advertising interactions (likes, forwards, comments, last viewed time), ad action type , and advertiser’s domain name.

Idvert, All you want is here! (Including Special offers)-Idvert Blog

(3) Click on the ad to see the specifics of the ad. The details of the advertisement are divided into two parts. The first section provides specific content metric information, the redirection, the outbound link, and the placement analysis suggestions.

Idvert, All you want is here! (Including Special offers)-Idvert Blog

The following section is advertiser-related information’s summary. It includes advertiser's basic information, traffic access information, country ranking, traffic sources and composition, and the outgoing links.

Idvert, All you want is here! (Including Special offers)-Idvert Blog

Searching ads

You can view related keywords and copy information by entering keywords and domain names.

(1) Enter the keyword to see the CPC bid (in U.S. dollars) and regional distribution of the keyword, relevant keyword information, and specific search ad copy.

Idvert, All you want is here! (Including Special offers)-Idvert Blog

(2) In the searching ads list, you can see the basic information of the search advertisement, including the title, body content, location, last viewed date, and advertiser domain name, etc. of the advertisement.

Idvert, All you want is here! (Including Special offers)-Idvert Blog

(3) In search through domain name, you can see the number of keywords in the domain name country distribution, paid keyword information, natural keyword information, total keyword rankings, a list of common keywords, and search advertisements under the domain name.

Finding websites

Currently, there is no tutorial for this function. We are still working on this feature covering traffic data and sources, keywords, and other information. If you think this post was helpful, please leave a message "I want to find a website". We will decide on whether to develop it or not, based on public opinion.

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