Idvert gives you money!-Idvert Blog

Idvert gives you money!

Yes, it is real! As long as you have used Idvert properly, express yourself (can either express emotions or even hurl, but we do not accept anything macabre!) to receive a chance to get cash rewards!

That's right, it's just so effective, and so simple and fun! How to participate? Think about what you want to say to Idvert, and use the following hashtags #Idvert #iA #Idvertcare, then post to any of the following platforms to meet the requirements to receive a cash prize.

Activity time

October 24th to November 9th

Optional platform

Idvert gives you money!-Idvert Blog


Social mediaIdvert gives you money!-Idvert Blog


Idvert gives you money!-Idvert Blog


Idvert gives you money!-Idvert Blog

How to receive cash prizes?

When your applications are up to the request, please comment the event post in the pinned post of Idvert's Facebook homepage(Idvert Facebook page link:, including your Idvert email account (used to verify participation rights), the screenshot of your post result and your post link. We will select the top 90 applicants, each according to the feedback time. Users who meet our requirements will be given a cash reward, and the rewards are set as follows:

Idvert gives you money!-Idvert Blog

About the award

After the event is declared over, the staff will announce the winners on our official page, blog and all other official media within 3 working days. If you win the prize, we will notify you by email! So, please confirm the information with our staff in a timely manner! Provide your Idvert account and your personal PayPal account; but if you own different PayPal accounts, or if you use multiple Idvert accounts, we would like to remind you, we will select only one of them, therefore reward quota could be postponed; if you have not established any communications with our staff within 7 working days, we would have no choice but to rescind your winnings, and to render your eligibility null and void.