Zaful is an independent website store of Globalegrow E-Commerce Group which is a big success in global clothing category e-commerce field.

For running global business, the products should meet the local market’s need. And more importantly, ways to use cross channel of the performance marketing to attract more customers is the key issue. Take Zaful as example, there are over two thousand ads on Facebook.

Most of the ads are the trending clothing pictures and some promotion copywriters or with additional special offers such as free shipping.

Better yet, the scenario video ad in the front page of its Facebook page which some adorable pretties wear Zaful’s in style cloths and have fun is more eye-ball watering.

In their posts, there are some promotion information and products pictures as well as short funny stories, which is most in common for e-commerce business.

The embedded shop shows the latest hot sellers which make customers could have a direct and conveniently quick view.

The notification of promotion is regularly put in the “offer” area. But Zaful does not update it since Valentine’s Day promotion has finished for a period time.

By contrast, they do a good job in social media: the Instagram pictures are in style and popular youtubers have endorsed Zaful in YouTube to attract more customers.

For Pinterest, it is a pity that there is blank for this part.

In the menu, there is even “Affiliate” category which seek for affiliate partnership to bring more traffic to their website store. They try everything they could to gain more traffic. How vital the traffic is for e-commerce business!

“Z-Me” is an outstanding part in the menu. It shows the recent activities and could redirect to the activity website with more details. For example, they host a tricolors contest for the Independence Day.

It comes out a discount offer if new customers subscribe when visiting their website, which is one of commonest way for e-commerce website.

No interest for subscribing? There are still coupons waiting for you!

They also have special function on the website. Such as they put special offer information on the top of the website and could be redirected to detailed activity page by clicking.

Zaful is obviously facing to global customers. On the top left corner, customer could choose language, currency and communication ways of customer service like instant message, email, and telephone.

They also use blog to give advice on fashion and outfit ideas so as to attract people who concern with that matter.

If you have own style, then Zaful welcome you to join their community to share. In this way, customer will be easily satisfied with compliment from the community and Zaful could strengthen the customer loyalty and increase fans.

Business Insight

  1. Do test more creatives in various format even you only have one category products;
  2. Clothing advertising is better with more model wearing pictures or videos to give more direct reference for customer;
  3. The content of post should be richer except just posting products. Do more activity engagement or follow the current hot topics are good choice;
  4. Value influencers’ power for the mass consumer goods;
  5. Though social media have most quality traffic, working with affiliates and gaining traffic from other DSPs is also alternative.