DealeXtreme is famous for its professional gadgets and price match. They grow up from forums in the very beginning and now put more attention to online advertising than before. Let’s study their social media marketing skills on Facebook.

DealeXtreme mainly sells consumer electronics like cellphone and accessories. With over 30,000 SKU, their online ads are of variety.


Products Pictures

As common website shop ads, the short product introduction with parameters and product pictures makes a standard ad.


And a scenario for product usage is also attractive.


Video Demonstration

Video ad performs well. DX revise the brand promotion video ads to own version shrewdly. That is a good way to save time for a well-made video ad.

DX also film product themselves. For example, the headphone ad below demonstrates the function and usage scenario. Also the DX logo and mascot occur in the beginning and the end of the video., Moreover, its SKU code was shown whole the video to easily guide customer the way to search and buy the item. It is so professional to guide customer for making an easier conversion.



Getting gift card for bring new users is a regular promotion way and it always works.


The targeting geos are mainly United Sates, France, and Brazil. Vietnam and Canada also share some budget.


Part of their official website function was embedded into their Facebook page for customer to get more details easily by just clicking certain links.


Help Centre


New Arrival


Hot Sellers

DX has a better way to get attention for their products than just demonstrate the products. They will put relevant products links under the hot short videos or attractive product usage scenarios.

1.People escape from the accident luckily but lucky maybe not with you every time so you’d better buy motorcycling cover hoods.


2.Drifting is so cool! Why not to buy some gadgets to make your car rolling style?


3.What a big capacity the mummy bag is!

4.How to switch from work to game in a second? You should take a look at the laptops. (There are even creatives from latest hot video app-tiktok! )


$0.99 area is a great idea to grasp eyeballs. On one hand, it gives customer so much choice for small value items which strengthen the lowest price brand image to customers; on the other hand, the products are so cheap why not to bring more?

DX is operating on many mainstream social media platform.


Business Insights

  1. It is suggested to use as more various creatives as possible for the Comprehensive e-commerce platform. And using well-made creatives from others is saving time and cost;
  2. SKU, shopping link and other similar ways to guide customer to item page will help better converting;
  3. Embedding as much information as possible to your social media because people are heavily replying on social media apps;
  4. Cheapest area for grasping customer eyeballs will bring more traffic and sales;
  5. Use the high relevant social media traffic for targeting