In the previous case, we have already talked about APPs, games, e-commerce products, and e-commerce sites, etc. Today, we will discuss advertising of physically located stores.

Everyone knows that the advertisements on Facebook are diverse, and there are all kinds of strange things. We found an advertisement for a restaurant on the Idvert platform. Let’s see how it is marketed.

From advertising, we can understand that this is a hamburger restaurant named Grill’d. The location on their Facebook page tells us that the restaurant is part of a chain spreading across Australia.

It is also advertised in United States other apart from Australia. We can categorize the advertisements in the following ways.


New product promotion

Hamburger is obviously made of just bread, vegetables, and meat, etc. However, Grill’d, doesn’t want to miss on the vegetarian customers. It seems that they want to create their own unique burger brand, while retaining vegetarians who love to eat hamburgers. Owing to this inclusive novelty in Hamburgers, this ad has performed impressively on the very first day.

Marketing promotions generally require people participating in a survey or filling out a form to get a free burger.

One of the promotions which get a lot of online participation is the “Cheat Day”. This is well known term among the people who are on a diet to lose weight. The happiest day of the week for a dieting people is the Cheat Day, because only this day allows them eat freely to fight the low-calcium which results in decreased metabolism.

Hamburger is high-calorie food which makes a lot of bodybuilders nervous. However, Grill’d uses this item to tell everyone that, as long as you choose a special point of the burger, it is not a cheat meal. People who see this advertisement get curious on how a hamburger isn’t supposed to make dieters feel guilty. Moreover, if you bring friends, you can also get a free burger. Also, there’s a great deal of “buy one get one free”. So, a lot of people get attracted to this advertisement which generates a lot of traffic and consequently increases the sales.


Special day activities

On special days, Grill’d sends hamburgers to homeless people. This is part of corporate social responsibility campaign to establish a the brand image as healthy, caring and loving.


Thematic activities

This advertisement is a joint venture between the merchants and the RSPCA Australia to organize liberation of poultry to prevent chicken from being raised in an electric cage,. It asks participants to sign a petition in order to enter a lucky draw.


We also watched a video with a similar on their official YouTube channel. Grill’d put a fake chicken cage in the entrance of the store to let people experience it.


This seemingly public-spirited advertisement indeed attracted a lot of attention from the audience. It is an activity which promotes awareness about the need of humane environment to raise animals, and it still conveys the message that the raw materials used for making burgers are organic and healthy. This is one of the factors which gives Grill’d a sense of pride about their hamburgers.

In the Facebook pageof the outlet, we can access comprehensive information such as: business hours, address, consumption range, the restaurant’s heat at each time period. It is why consumers can easily analyze the restaurant, its prices and ambiance, in detail and decides whether or not to spend the hard earned cash and how to do it in the best way. These settings very user friendly, aren’t they?


The daily post is primarily for propagating new products and showing the images of their foods. The presentation in the pictures is very pleasing to the eye.

It is worth mentioning that there have an APP for their restaurant chain on both Android platforms! It may be an attempt to create a closed-loop consumption?

Through “Learn More” on the homepage, we can jump to the seller’s homepage where we can see their news, introductions, menus, and order meals.

Being a business extremely conscious about raising animals with care, while promoting healthy and organic burgers, their entire page seems to emanate compassion.

The social media handles are prominently positioned on their website, and YouTube insists the same host to send a variety of videos.

Business insights

  1. The purpose of online advertising in a physically located store is nothing more than to attract more customers into the store. Therefore, it’s best to do both online and offline activities to entice consumers by offering discount vouchers online or information about it to lead consumers into the store. . Building solid campaigns around hot topics is an effective marketing strategy.
  2. If you want to create a vibrant brand image, you can join other organizations to contribute in public-welfare while grabbing attention online. Both online and offline stores can design activities to promote a worthy atmosphere.
  3. Do a great job in displaying business information, such as location of the store, business hours, in-store heat at each time period, on the Facebook page, , and even menus can be posted allowing consumers a better experience with adequate information to plan their meals.
  4. Do a full platform of operations and be a full-fledged business.