Do you know? Toon Blast that you are playing is more than just a game!

I mentioned in the previous posts that Facebook ads are various. In addition to the common ones such as sales and guiding category, game ads are frequent to seen as well. Today, I will show you how to explore the business opportunities in the game ads.

I found a seemingly common game ad on Idvert, which is similar to Toon Blast.

After clicking through the details, it shows a 30-seconds video ad, which is basically a game play demonstration with a brief text introduction. Indeed, materials for a recreational game like it should be straight forward and needn’t to be too complex. A short video clip speaks much clearer than a static image. The game rules and playing highlights are on the table, people who are interested in it will click the install button naturally.

When checking all the ads posted by Toon Blast, it’s not difficult to find all the videos are essentially showing the gaming highlights despite the displaying content may vary.

A game is like a Pandora box, which is always full of surprises when it opens, sometimes there’s even a hidden egg hunt or an unknown playing trick in it. Therefore, use multiple ads to present different interesting game scenes is quite a good idea for advertising, especially for a leisure game like Toon Blast.

The targeted audience covers both male and female groups with age ranging from 20-40, which is also in accordance with the crowd orientation of the leisure games.

Later, I searched the Facebook fan page of  Toon Blast and found that besides a fan page, there’s also another App page for it, the fan page basically shares the game videos and the latest moments of the game, while the App page is actually the company’s official site on Facebook.

Usually there’s a guiding button such as “Play Game” in the Facebook home page. For Toon Blast, the “Play Game” button is right under its fan page banner, when you click it though you’ll be led to the downloading page in the App Store.

There’s another detail needs to be noticed, Toon Blast has put FAQs in the game home page, which contains every possible questions and answers regarding of the game, that’s quite thoughtful!!!

Look what we have learned today

1. Game advertisers should select the appropriate advertising strategy according to their own game type. For example, ads for the leisure games can use multiple video gaming materials to demonstrate the fun of the game, which is suitable for both male and female audiences aging from 20-40 years old.

2. Material content varies from the game type. For a leisure game like Toon Blast, you can care less about the visual effects and just need to show the game highlights and interesting playing tricks. But if the case is a big RPG game, I’m afraid you might need to consider more. Is it necessary to narrate the game world? Shall I introduce the attractive characters as well the different game scenes? And of course, which format performs better, video, image or slideshows? If video is the case, then how long the length should be? Will a movie-like trailer be more effective for the conversion and so on.

3. If you determine to build a solid game brand, it’s essential to manage well your social platforms by creating a variety of game related products to lunch sweepstake activities on the Facebook fan page; doing a good daily interaction with fans, collecting complaints related to the game to optimize and timely releasing game dynamics (version updates, etc.) to increase users’ likeness.

4. Last but not the least, when the game is in stable operation, FAQs can be very helpful for the new comers to quickly understand the game and save a lot of troubles for the customer service.